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So Here’s What You Do, Haslam

Bill Haslam

Carpe diem, that’s what you do.  You call out the Tennessee National Guard like Rick Perry did and you secure your border.

Seems the “border problem” just became a problem in the interior.

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam (R) is fuming after the Obama administration reportedly released 760 illegal immigrant children to sponsors in his state without ever informing him of the decision.

Now, Haslam is demanding “immediate answers.”

In a stern letter to President Barack Obama on July 25, Haslam said it is “unacceptable that we became aware via a posting on the HHS website that 760 unaccompanied children have been released by the Office of Refugee Resettlement to sponsors in Tennessee without my administration’s knowledge.”

Now, if the Obama Administration had this “resettlement plan” all cooked up in advance, which they obviously did, then they already have the answers to your “eight questions” and you should demand that they be answered in exactly one hour. And you don’t send a stupid letter, you moron. You get on something called “the telephone” (invented over a century ago) and you demand to speak to the President of the United States. Should you not get cooperation, you convey your intent to locate each and every one of the illegal aliens dumped in your state and you don’t wait for a response, you use the State’s resources and you begin doing it.

We could get into the whole “how did nobody in Tennessee notice planeloads or trainloads or busloads of illegals being transported in”, but that’s an after-the-fact thing that ought to be part of the criminal proceedings you and your fellow governors instigate against Obama and his officials at HHS, DHS, DOI, DOJ and wherever else, even within your own state.

Are you really “furious”, Haslam? Well if you are, and if you have any kind of notion about a thing called “State Sovereignty”, then you should get on the horn with more than just Obama. You should get on the horn with your fellow governors across America (except for Obama’s bootlickers in the Democrat and “moderate Republican” camps) and declare of your own volition a constitutional crisis. You should demand that your representatives in Congress immediately initiate impeachment proceedings against Obama and his henchmen because every swinging Dick and Jane who took a civics class in these United States knows that Obama’s acts are illegal, criminal and a violation of constitutional oath.

So put up or shut up, Haslam. You and all the rest of the pussyfooted Governors who are always soooo outraged and always just soooo demanding of “answers” but never, ever do anything to stop or punish the behavior.


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