Keystone and the Caliphate



Ever wonder why the dogged determination on the part of the Obama Administration, no matter what Socialist Progressive is at the helm of the EPA or the State Department or what the sentiment of the union bosses is, NOT to allow the Keystone Pipeline to go through? The objections on environmental grounds have all been exhausted, rebutted, disproven. And Obama has safely been re-elected. Whatever assistance he needed from the environmental whackos is no longer required.

Everyone who has a modicum of intelligence knows that viable “alternative energy sources”, however you feel about them emotionally, or whether you have some “vision” about a future without fossil fuels, are not going to replace fossil fuels for several decades. WE (the World) are going to need them. So why wouldn’t a regime in Washington DC, having, if even only in it’s own mind, secured it’s legacy with the passage of the Affordable Care Act and extricated the US military from the Middle East, and by executive order fiat and bureaucratic intimidation silenced the social traditionalists in this country and relegated them to a non-factor, why wouldn’t that regime now go ahead and placate the crony capitalists who could still use their wealth to humiliate the poseur in the Oval Office if they wished to do so?

Why not go ahead and facilitate the oil boom in North Dakota and the gas boom all over the place by removing all barriers to the pipeline and telling the regulators and the busybodies to ….stand down?

We suggest the possibility that there is no real desire on the part of this administration to see the United States become truly energy independent. And the reason being that when Obama leaves office in January, 2017, which he will, and when he is replaced by a REAL leader of the free world, which we pray for every waking moment, if that leader has the satisfaction of knowing that the US can take care of all of it’s energy needs and can at the same time presume to influence many of the terms and conditions in the international market, then that leader will be immensely more effective in stopping the jihadists and the caliphate-seekers than he would be otherwise.

the caliph

We engaged in a bit of fantasizing three years ago on what a potential Real Leader could do to create his own legacy and to save his country and much of the free world. Unfortunately, nothing resembling that whimsical scenario came to pass in 2012, so we are where we are.

Here is where we are:

The ISIS Caliphate
*********************The formulating “ISIS” Caliphate in the middle of the Middle East**************

Too bad for Saudi Arabia, too bad for Jordan and too bad for thousands and thousands of Christians, Jews and sane Muslims in the Middle East. And too bad for us.

Hello? Hello?? Hello???


abdullah and abdullah

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