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back of the bus     Tony Dungy? A cad?? Really??? ……..Rush Limbaugh, who was famously vilified by the sportswriting and broadcasting press, unceremoniously removed from the ESPN commentators box and barred from NFL ownership for commenting on a black quarterback’s ability, or lack thereof, mentioned the Tony Dungy subject on his show yesterday and then I read this in the paper today:

Tony Dungy said he wouldn’t have drafted the NFL’s first openly gay player because he “wouldn’t want to deal with all of it.”
All Tony Dungy said was he wouldn’t have drafted Sam because of the issues that would ensue, the distractions, headaches.  And now they are out to crucify Dungy.
BTW….Dungy is openly …….Christian.
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Sportswriters in this country don’t want to write about sports anymore. And TV sportscasters don’t want to comment on sports performances.   All they want to do is assist the Left Wing in their social engineering schemes by spouting politically correct diatribes.  The aforementioned Christine Brennan wrote a piece a year ago about how she had to quit using the term “Redskins” because it’s racist, even though she had used it thousands of times in her career and was so proud of her groundbreaking gig with the Washington Post covering the Redskins in the 80’s.
And she, like Indianapolis sportswriter Bob Kravitz, say it’s racist if even only one  “Native American” thinks it is.  So Kravitz, in his column, refused to write “Redskins”.  But you know what he did write?  He wrote “Kikes”.  But it was just all right for him to use that word apparently because he claims to be Jewish.  What he wrote was ‘How would the Jewish people in New York feel if there were a professional team called the ‘New York Kikes?’  And he got paid for writing that column.  He’s just a real sensitive guy, isn’t he?
So we can hardly wait for Kravitz , who milked the Colts franchise for every hack sportswriting dime he could get out of it during the wildly successful Indianapolis Colts’ seasons under Tony Dungy, to weigh in on Dungy’s oh-so-offensive commentary.
Now this Christine Brennan character, who has had this amazing epiphany about racist terminology, if you go to her personal website and read her bio, you will find that it still proudly refers to her time in DC back in the 80’s covering the Washington REDSKINS. Yep, right there in black and white.  And she’s still getting paid by USA Today, even with that awful, horrible, racist word still up on her website.   In fact, the groundbreaking pro-feminist sportswriter, pioneer female journalist in the genre, who rode the coattails of the Title IX movement to fame and glory and made bookoo cash doing it, milked the Redskins name and franchise for all it was worth.
See, the term was so obviously horrible, so offensive, so racist, which could be validated if even one American Indian could be found to so stipulate,  and yet apparently her brilliant, amazing, wonderful self wasn’t able to realize that patent truism in the entire thirty-year period until now, and amazingly she apparently hasn’t had time to white it out on her website.
Know why?  Because she’s on the Michael Sam kick now.  She’s got a new politically correct theme to write about instead of writing about sports.  And she’s got a new villain to write about.  His name is Tony Dungy.  Tony Dungy.  Tony Dungy.  Are you kidding me???  One of the nicest, kindest, most polite and non-offensive personalities in the NFL/sportscasting arena and he’s now a villain.  Because, says Brennan, Tony Dungy can’t get it through his thick head that being black is just like being homosexual.
Of all people, Tony Dungy said this. Dungy was one of the ground-breaking African-American quarterbacks in the Big Ten (at Minnesota) and became the first African-American coach to win a Super Bowl. He would never have had the career he has had if strong-willed white leaders a couple of generations ago decided to not allow black men to play football because it wasn’t “going to be totally smooth…things will happen.”
Here’s a little bit of info for Christine Brennan, clueless, hack sportswriting white girl:  When the One Great Scorer comes to write against Tony Dungy’s name,  it will be to note that Dungy played the game of life quite well, thank you very much.
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Poor. No advanced degrees. Unorganized. Feeble. Disjointed. Random. Past it. .... Intrigued, Interested, Patriotic and Lucky.

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July 25, 2014 6:48 am

Where are our fellow Americans to destroy the leftists who come out in force to destroy the great Americans who speak their first Amendment right to be heard. It is sick.

July 25, 2014 8:38 am

Dungy has been “made a victim” by his own side, esp Beck and Limbaugh, and I’m sure many others, none of whom learned any lessons from Phil Robertson, who shrugged it all off and moved on, unscathed. Dungy said what he said, in clear, concise and inoffensive English, never once mentioning his faith. The usual suspects came out of their dens, accused him of motives unseen, and words unsaid, the usual clairvoyant stuff, so Dungy came back out, not to clarify, but to repeat what he’d said the first time, using more polite language than I ever could have, asking.… Read more »