No, it’s not the “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” We all know about that lie. I received the picture below attached to an email from Obama’s faux *Truth Team.* Ya know, the one that actually tells all the lies the Low Information Voters believe.

Obamacare truth team

What is missing in this picture is a hospital or doctor does not have to accept an insurance plan. No matter if it’s from one of the Obamacare exchanges or not. I verified this fact with my significant other, who is a physician, who has dropped insurance plans over the years for various reasons, usually for untimely reimbursements.

A few days ago we find a major cancer center in Las Vegas, Comprehensive Cancer Care Centers, has dropped the Nevada Health Co-Op, one of Obamacare’s insurance exchanges because they have failed to reimburse in a timely manner, most times in the 90 day range. This news seems a little “meh” because we hear so much of it but I chose to write about this solely because of the idiotic comments. One of my favorite below:

Obamacare commenter Vegas Cancer Center

No, John, as I stated above a hospital or physician does not have to accept an insurance plan. It’s not like forcing a bakery to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple. The patient is not paying the hospital or physician directly but through their insurance. And if the insurance fails to meet the standards of the hospital or physician then they have a right to drop them.

I’m sure if  the commenters on this article, who are mostly liberals, were to not get a paycheck for 90 days they would be having fits too. That’s three mortgage or rent payments.

The law does say however, anyone showing up at a hospital emergency room must be treated, regardless of whether or not they have insurance, or insurance the hospital does not accept. But then collecting the charges is another story.

Back in 2009 Obam aheaped praises on the Mayo Clinic. From the Weekly Standard:

 “And so what you’ve got is a situation where, for example, the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, is famous for some of the best quality and some of the lowest cost. People are healthier coming out of there, they do great.”

Not soon after this statement and some that followed shortly, the Mayo Clinic in Glendale Arizona announced it was dropping Medicare patients. Reason being Medicare reimbursements fall well short of what  physicians’ costs are to treat them.

The president of the Cancer Centers, Dr. James Sanchez, states if Nevada Health Co-Op gets their act together they would discuss taking them back. The patients already in active treatment are not affected, but in the meantime new cancer patients with Nevada Health Co-Op will have to find another center to treat them.

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