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Confirmation just in from EAGNews that, as we mention below, the Dons and Deans of the American college scene are reducing themselves to bootlicking sycophants, ready at the service of The Regime and it’s allies in not only levelling the playing field, but absolutely destroying it:

MADISON, Wisc. – It sounds crazy on its face, but then again one comes to expect that from UW-Madison. But are they crazy enough to do race-based grading? It calls for “proportional participation of historically underrepresented racial-ethnic groups at all levels of an institution, including high status special programs, high-demand majors, and in the distribution of grades.”

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We’re poor little lambs
who have lost our way,
Baa Baa Baa,

American institutions are falling like dominoes now, bowing to Political Correctness, surrendering their autonomy and dignity and generally joining the ‘Me Too’ chorus. The Fundamental Transformation is well on it’s way.
One of the toughest nuts to crack, of course, was The University. Traditionally a bastion of free speech, unbridled liberalism and heroic self-expression, with a decidedly anti-authoritarian credo, they are knuckling under to the Master Plan as presented by the fascist community organizers known as The Obama Administration. And the sad part about it is, they think they’re team players; they think they’re on the ‘winning side’.

This year Holder and Duncan teamed up on an initiative to demand that colleges across the country set up programs and machinery and adopt operating principles to combat some supposed pandemic of rape and mayhem plaguing college campuses from sea to shining sea.

Mandatory climate surveys will “force schools to close the gap” between the number of formally reported assaults and those disclosed by students in surveys, said Laura Dunn, founder of SurvJustice and a sexual assault survivor who lobbied to enact the Campus SaVE Act in 2013.
The report states that the DOE is clarifying how key federal laws intersect, the DOE and DOJ have entered into an agreement clarifying each agency’s role vis-à-vis Title IX, and the DOE offices responsible for Title IX and Clery Act enforcement have also entered into an agreement clarifying their respective roles.

Yes, these Executive Branch, cabinet and sub-cabinet level departments enter into a lot of agreements with one another these days, don’t they? They agree, oblivious to statute, Constitution and Congressional oversight, what their “roles” are going to be. And then they implement the Dear Leader’s policies with a vengeance……literally.

“Sexual Assault” just rolled of their tongues as easily as did the oath of office these goons mouthed when they took over in 2009. And bobbleheads in academia began bobbling furiously in agreement that the scourge must be stamped out and the horrible threat…..neutered.

So just how far are universities willing to go to thwart the mad rapists terrorizing their campuses? Well, if this example is any indication, pretty far:

Ball State University is beefing up its staff and student conduct code and creating a new hearing panel to deter sexual assault, many of the victims of which are incapacitated by alcohol or drugs.

The university’s board of trustees on Friday approved a new, 32-page “Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Policy” that is 24 pages longer than the previous policy.

The trustees also approved the creation of a new Sexual Misconduct Board to hear student complaints including dating violence, humiliating speech, posting nude photos on social networking sites, cyber stalking, exposing one’s genitals without consent, sexual orientation harassment, sexual activity with an incapacitated person and many other types of prohibited conduct described in eight pages of the new policy.

That’s right. These people are nothing if not gung ho on board with the Washington, DC Sex Police Agencies, formerly known as the Departments of Justice and Education. They are creating a Sexual Misconduct Board. And it’s not just your father’s definition of ‘rape’ or ‘sexual assault’ these people are going to be busying themselves with. Oh, no! It’s going to be a full on scouring of the Intertubz to see if there are any naked pictures out there they can match up with their student database. And that part about ‘exposing one’s genitals without consent’, well, that’s a real headscratcher there. Are they referring to the age-old “I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours” childhood game or what? And on this “dating violence” category, we had previously been given to understand that sado-masochists were a protected class, sooooo…. 🙂

We are bordering on the hysteria factor here, folks. These people are making themselves look like idiots, falling all over themselves to cater to the diktats emanating from the Chicago Thugocracy which rules America these days. It is pathetic.

First of all, there are of course laws in each and every state or locality dealing with sexual assault, or rape, or any other genuine criminal act. And major universities not only have procedures in place for dealing with criminal behavior, many of them have campus police available to respond and have protocols in place for working with regular law enforcement agencies. So this whole exercise is just that – an exercise set up for the express purpose of getting Universities into conformity mode, into a state of compliance and submission, and of insuring cooperation in this and future stealth missions of propaganda dissemination and thought/behavior control to turn inquiring young minds into placid, obedient ones.

But in their haste to become Yes Men, apparently college administrators are willing to go the extra mile and set themselves up as judge, jury and the government’s executioner in cases of “humiliating speech”. Did you catch that? They slipped that one in there with the ‘letting it all hang out’ offense and the no- no of putting out Too Much Information about yourself on Facebook.

Humiliating speech. See how far down the road we have gone? It was bad enough in the good old days when somebody came up with the notion of “Hate Speech” and how it had to be punished by somehow connecting it to a crime. Now you are apparently in the company of rapists and violent sexual offenders if you utter a discouraging word on campus. Unbelievable.

university officials

Yes, we’ve come a long way, baby, from the Berkeley Free Speech Movement, haven’t we? And good gracious, how will a comedian ever secure another campus gig if he’s not allowed to come on and humiliate someone? Oh, that’s right – the comedian’s not a student, so no official sanction. But then there aren’t many self-respecting comedians left out there anyway, these days. They’ve mostly self-censored to align themselves with the Sheeple Brigades engaging in passive……passivity.

The University cited above is not a one-off. How many schools are inserting speech prohibitions in their Sexual Code of Conduct Manuals is uncertain, but they are uniformly falling in line across the country to do at least exactly as Arne Duncan and Eric Holder want done as far as monitoring and policing dating on campus. The university will be expected to weight any complaint about unwanted sexual act or even sexual overture heavily in favor of believeability and to institute official proceedings geared to mete out some form of ‘justice’ in order to placate Washington. Because that’s what Washington wants. The fact that when Washington asks for a mile, the University is willing to extend that into a light year, as it would with this “humiliating speech” abomination, indicates not only total surrender, but a fawning desire to appease, to ingratiate, to bootlick.

It is disgusting, it is perverse and it is perhaps on a parallel with what other professional and social entities – the media, doctors, lawyers, fraternal organizations, sports groups such as the NFL and Major League Baseball, even, and sickeningly so, mainstream religious bodies across the nation – have done in prostituting themselves before the Almighty Government, either in pursuit of todays wildly inflated almighty dollar or just to escape some trumped-up government sanction.

But when a University, and an American university at that, begins policing speech, then the ghost has almost been given up. Humiliating speech, which of course is nearly synonymous with insulting speech, could mean that telling your co-ed girlfriend what you really think of her new outfit could get you expelled from Yale or MIT and not only ruin your future but possibly deprive future generations of the cure for some horrible disease had you been allowed to get your degree and pursue your field of research.

Yes, the Yalies have indeed lost their way in this post-post modern era, and we would wager a dollar to a doughnut that there is not more than a handful of liberals out there standing athwart this fascism yelling “Stop! You’re destroying more than ‘humiliating speech’ in your mad rush to suck up.” The Ages of Reason and Enlightenment and modern intellectual debate were all for naught, as lips are forcibly zipped, homage is paid to Big and Bigger Brother Government and intellectual discourse and indeed the whole of Western Civilization hang in the balance.

Because as the mortarboarders ought to know, if they ever thought about it in these hip-hop times, the entirety of Western Civilization was pretty much based on saying things that were not acceptable to somebody, primarily authority. But when the irony is pointed out to them, watch them parrot the government line and claim this is an entirely compartmentalized effort to address an egregious social ill, or some such rot. They are already doing so. Have been since, oh about 1972 on various and sundry topics. They just are oblivious that their niche in society is about to evaporate completely. And we grieve at our collective loss.

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Poor. No advanced degrees. Unorganized. Feeble. Disjointed. Random. Past it. .... Intrigued, Interested, Patriotic and Lucky.

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July 21, 2014 10:05 am

So if you say “Obama’s policies are wrong.’ is that ‘humiliating speech’?
Not yet? Well we’ll be there soon enough I guess.