Two Presidential Responses to the Downing of a Civilian Aircraft

Spoof Cover of TIME Magazine poking fun at the ridiculous Democrat comparisons of Obama to Reagan

Sometimes it helps to compare and contrast two similar things to see how much they differ. First, let’s look at what Obama said in response to the downing of Malaysian Airlines MH17.

I hope you enjoyed all the jokes about how ugly Joe Biden is, Jack Chew’s caterpillar-like handwriting, and the rabble rousing about infrastructure and bad Republicans. Now let’s look at what Reagan said in response to the USSR shooting down Korean Airlines flight KAL 007.

No jokes. No blame for anyone but the USSR. I don’t notice him blaming Democrats for anything in this, not even Teddy Kennedy who was at this time attempting to conspire with the USSR to damage Reagan in order to help his election campaign against Reagan.

What a difference between two presidents. One is playing at being President, in his shirt and tie, without a jacket, speaking informally and trying to talk people into supporting a political push to tax more and spend more on the pretext of infrastructure. He obviously enjoys his time performing before the cameras. The other is the President, and serious about his responsibilities to the nation and the truth.

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Lady Penguin
July 18, 2014 4:06 pm

Makes me think of the game show “To Tell the Truth.” “Will the real president please stand up.”