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Illegal is not a race

I know from the state run media that TEA Party participants are racist, we are bigots, never forget homophobes and my favorite as a woman is how misogynistic I am. Having had a conversation with another Unified Patriots person or as we call each other, patriots, I came to realize that what the TEA Party is to a t, would be quite simply Americans. We love our country (not our President), we love our flag (the one with 50 states on it), quite simply put, God, Country, Family. Those are radical beliefs? I.think.not. What is radical and extreme is thinking that the idea of America can be changed to some perverted strain of Europe. The worst of part of that thinking is that Europe, the actual socialist version, with state run healthcare and “open borders” is dying. That dream Europe that leftists in America have in their minds was created by America. We let them become the worst possible countries we could by being the worlds’ policeman. We built their smaller armies and protected their borders and fought their terrorists in the name of protecting America. What we got for our troubles is a generation of Americans who see the bastardized Europe and their socialism/communistic ideas as the panacea for what ails us. They have no concept that we allowed them to become that. Of course when America is broke well the rest of world becomes broke and as those countries are forced to defend themselves without American military power, they will become less socialized. You see in England for example that they are looking to sell off their state run “healthcare” to free market forces. They are doing that because the system is broke. It is not only broke, it is deadly. It is deadly because government workers don’t care about their charges and death panels are a part of system. All of those things were predictable as socialism does indeed run out of other peoples money.

We cannot fix stupid, being Americans we can only let it run its course. I believe as we are seeing around the Country that Americans have decided that the whole experiment of “transforming” America isn’t working for them. Nothing makes people more nativist or as I like to call it loving ones Country then forcing non Americans down their throats and on their communities without asking them. Just Say No To Amnesty

As a former nurse, Lynes says she was particularly concerned with the diseases that are reportedly being carried by some detainees, and the potential that some of those medical problems could overwhelm local medical resources. Lynes notes that one Border Patrol agent in Texas has already been reported to have contracted tuberculosis, and that three children from the buses that ended up in Chula Vista were taken to San Diego’s Rady Children’s hospital for treatment for unspecified ailments.

Lynes recalls that she has worked as a nurse in regions of the U.S. that have experienced similar diseases brought from abroad. She said the diseases that are likely to come in are drug-resistant tuberculosis; leprosy; tropical diseases, including dengue fever; Chagas disease; and various other childhood diseases. Lynes also noted that many of these diseases can be difficult to detect initially, and the medical screening being done during Border Patrol screening will not catch many of these diseases.

I laugh out loud, yes literally LOL when I see people say “I thought the TEA Party didn’t care about social issues”, well illegal immigration isn’t a social issue, its a financial issue. Open borders doesn’t work in Europe and isn’t going to work in America. To think that as we sit 17T in debt and 122T in unfunded liabilities that we can take the poorest of the poor of third world countries is well, insanity. We as a Country have given trillions to these third world countries, including the biggest one of all Mexico over the decades. We have had active trade with them and yet we have never demanded they act as a 1st world country. If over the decades we had forced our hand of freedom on them perhaps their citizens would want to stay in their country. We The People of all colors, sexes, nationalities deserve the best America we can have, that is what the TEA Party stands for. If we win our taxed enough already platform, then politicos cannot use wasteful dollars to buy their elections. It is all very simple and quite easy, so lets get work on cutting back the federal government and the insanity they place on Americans every day. LETS GO TEA!

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July 3, 2014 6:40 pm

You’re absolutely right, Jaded, that it’s a financial, as well as a national security, issue. When the various Tea Party groups started rolling back in ’09, several of the organizers made a big deal out of distancing themselves from ‘social issues’ in order to keep up a united front for the congressional effort in ’10. But as true conservatives know, conservatism, and traditionalism, and Americanism is a three-legged stool – the fiscal, the social and the Nat. Sec. – because social costs money, money influences social, and without security, you have neither money nor a society. Unfortunately, a lot of… Read more »