At Least The National Enquirer Got Rid Of John Edwards


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The National Enquirer is the only major media organization in the country to have done a service for America in the last generation. That’s right – their stories on John Edwards’ philandering finally saved us from having to look at the narcissist cum shyster cum US Senator cum presidential aspirant.

Long considered a “tabloid” publication, at least The Enquirer did that for us. The Associated Press, on the other hand, practices a brand of tabloid “journalism” that does nothing except attempt to convince Americans to send their tax dollars to the District of Columbia to combat non-existent “problems” or their contributions to leftwing activist organizations to do the same thing.

Exhibit number 1,299,865 – This is the headline typical of many across the country in publications featuring the offering by Michael Biesecker and Mitch Weiss, two paid propagand-, er, tabloid writ-, er reporters for the AP who have an apparent penchant for the melodramatic that is, how should we put it?….pathetic:

    In NC hamlet, residents worry over coal ash ponds

And they spent a few thousand words diverting America’s attention from real problems. Hyperbolizing, hyperventilating and anecdotally pushing a meme of hazards to human health and happiness by writing about substances that ‘could be’ “potentially” toxic.

Why didn’t regulators order Duke to clean up something that was being pushed by the agendaites as being “potentially toxic” since it was assumed to be byproduct of the EVIL COAL? Because the “substances” might have just plain always been there:

That never happened, state regulators said, because they weren’t certain whether coal ash production was to blame or if the substances were naturally occurring.

So not only are Woodward and Bernstein, er, Biesecker and Weiss, propagating pap about substances which may or may not be “toxic”, these “substances” may not have anything to do with “coal ash ponds” in the first place, but actually just be – how to put this delicately – stuff that God put there. (Father Nature, if you will.) 🙂

Returning to the headline printed above: Just how many of these “residents” are there that are so worried about a pile of coal ash? As near as we can tell, by the article anyway, three people are worried- the Thomases and their neighbor Sherry Gobble. Which begs the question – why only three? If the residents of Dukeville, NC are, as Sherry Gobble is quoted as being, worried about their own and their children’s well-being, then why isn’t Dukeville a ghost town? Why hasn’t the populus pulled up stakes and gotten the hell out, erring on the side of safety for their families’ sakes? Well, perhaps because of this little tidbit:

Both the state and Duke said their own tests found no significant problems.

That’s right, not only Duke Energy, which naturally would face a rash of litigation and potential punitive judgement awards if it could be shown was responsible for any harm, but also the State of North Carolina, which is responsible for the safety of it’s citizens, conducted testing and found


significant problems.”

So what prompted Biesecker and Weiss to spring into action and alert the entire American continent, nay the entire civilized world, to the “potential”, the “possible” the “well, gee, it could be bad, who knows?” horror story of Dukeville, North Carolina? Apparently this:

However, the environmental group Waterkeeper Alliance said its tests show levels of some potentially toxic substances above state standards.

And there you have it. The water supply in Dukeville, NC has been tested by those responsible for doing so, those qualified to do so, and those under professional and legal and authoritative obligation to do so. And found to be just fine. But that wasn’t good enough for the Waterkeeper Alliance, the brainchild of the epically delusional environmental whacko and erstwhile drug addict, and serial womanizer, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (Not quite The Enquirer, but he did make showbiz Spy recently, so maybe there’s hope.)

rfk jr

Kennedy and his group hate coal with a passion, and want to see it replaced with windmills, except, of course, not in his backyard.

And therefore it wasn’t good enough for the Associated Press, the tabloid journalism “news” organization dedicated to promoting fear and trepidation and manipulating the sympathies and corrupting the judgement of Americans who in an earlier time were completely capable of deciding for themselves whether they had anything to “fear” or not.

Did we mention that the AP took great pains to relate that Mr. Thomas has cancer, and that some of his relatives had cancer, too? Wow. How rare is that? You and your friends and relatives probably never had any experiences with cancer, did you? But the thing that tipped the AP’s hand was they mentioned in passing he had previously worked in an industrial chemical factory but made it a point to inform us that he was “long retired”. Yes….loooonnnngg retired, so (wink, wink) his cancer had to have been caused by that coal ash dump, dontchaknow?

So you can do two things if you are moved by the Associated Press’s fear-mongering collusion with whacko environmentalism on dismantling American industry and cutting short it’s energy supply: You can cast your vote to continue to elect politicians who will continue taking your hard-earned money to fund the corrupt Environmental Protection Agency and all it’s harebrained regulatory schemes. And you can make a generous donation to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.s “Waterkeeper Alliance”, which will promise to use your money for the dimming down of the lights of the City, if that’s your preference, and also to restrict the use of private as well as public property for anything not in furtherance of rafting, canoeing and of course sailing.
As for me, I think I’ll pull out my copy of The Enquirer and see what’s up. Or Pravda. They’re pretty good these days.


postscript: One more thing about the Thomases, God bless ’em. At the beginning of the article there is a little vignette relating how they are brewing iced tea in their kitchen using bottled water, which naturally would be prudent if you were living in fear of your water supply. But curiously, the Thomases admit that the ice they use to cool their tea is made with water that comes from their tap. So apparently their fear is somewhat mitigated by their desire to have an ice-cold glass of tea no matter the source of the ice.

Yes, people can make this stuff up, folks. And they can make you pay for it, as the Obama Administration and it’s eager co-conspirators necessarily make your electricity bills skyrocket. And they can make a movie about it, so Julia Roberts is probably waiting in the wings. However, last we heard, Erin Brockovitch was busy investigating fruit juice spills in Western Michigan. No lie.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<"The only thing we have to fear is …….Fear itself!“>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
——————————————–Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Poor. No advanced degrees. Unorganized. Feeble. Disjointed. Random. Past it. .... Intrigued, Interested, Patriotic and Lucky.

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