Pro Common Core North Dakota Education Official Admits He Has Stupid Ideas


Some of them may go well beyond stupid..

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Dale Wetzler: former API Reporter, Currently the Spokes Person for North Dakota’s Department of Public Education.

First a little background, and disclosure..  Kathy O’Brien is is a friend, and an occasional author- contributor on Grumpy Opinions..  She’s also a leader in North Dakota’s Stop Common Core fight…

In terms of population, North Dakota is a very small state, withe less than 800,000 people according to the 2010 Census..  The small population means people are much closer to their elected representatives than they are in larger states..

The State Department of Public Instruction, under the direction of Kirsten Baesler has been implementing Common Core, over the objections of many North Dakota Parents and Grandparents, including Kathy O”Brien.  The two have have been debating the issue on Facebook for months, and have exchanged a number of emails with each other.

Dale Wetzler is a former API Reporter and is Currently the Spokes Person for North Dakota’s Department of Public Education.  He also appears to be a pro Common Core Activist and what some people would describe as an amateur Internet troll..

Wetzler didn’t like it a bit when O’Brien arranged for Dr Duke Pesta a highly respected Common Core Critic to come to North Dakota to explain Common Core to Parents and Members of the Sate Legislature.  To show his displeasure, he did what any second rated troll would do.  He set up a email account with a respectable sounding name;

Using the account, he sent out anonymous emails to radio talk show hosts and members of the legislature.  The emails contained information he thought would discredit Dr Pesta..

Wetzel claims he was not acting officially, conducting his anonymous attack on government time or with government computers.  His antics forced his boss Kirsten Baesler into a defensive position,  and claiming she had no knowledge of the activities of he department spokesman..

Let’s jump to an excerpt from Rob Portman’s article Public schools spokesman mocked Common Core critics as ‘tiny tribe’

Last week, Dale Wetzel, a spokesman for North Dakota Superintendent of Public Schools Kirsten Baesler, sparked controversy when it was revealed he was using an anonymous email account to send out material to lawmakers and members of the media attacking Common Core critic Duke Pesta.

Now, more emails provided to show Wetzel responding to, and in one case mocking, Common Core critics calling into a Fargo talk radio show. These emails weren’t turned over in response to an open records request for the last 30 days of emails from the account filed last week.

Read all of:  Public schools spokesman mocked Common Core critics as ‘tiny tribe’

Just so everyone knows:  Rob Portman is possibly the most respected news reporter and blogger in that part of the country.  I’ve watched his coverage of the growing scandal.  He’s being cautious, and as you’ll see in a few minutes refusing to interject any personal opinion into the situation, even when asked directly..   He openly admits he was one of Wetzel’s fans. when Wetzel was an API Reporter..

After the news broke and the scheme was exposed, Wetzel went on a radio show to explain what he did..  A lot of people thought his explanation was condescending, and if anything, the only part of the fiasco he was sorry for, was getting caught..

He was invited onto Point of View TV to explain to explain the apology..  Here he talks briefly about his stupid ideas, then goes on the attack again.

He specifically accused Kathy O’Brien of threatening a public official  in emails.  I’ve talked to Kathy O’Brien, she assures me there are no threats in the emails..  I’ve known her for several years, and I believe her..

To me Dale Wetzler sounds like a bully playing the victim..

No state government allows their officials to be threatened.. If he’s being honest, he needs to turn the emails (if they exist) over to the law enforcement.. and let them deal with it.. Of course law enforcement takes a very dim view of people filing false reports..

….you can go to jail for doing stuff like that..

If he does come up with some emails..  I’d want an expert to take a very close look at them.. and the originating IP Address (es)

He didn’t seem to realize creating  to anonymous attack someone was ethically questionable.  That makes it a reasonable to assume he might not see anything wrong with creating email accounts for other questionable purposes..

That’s just the way ideologically motivated Internet trolls think..

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