Georgia May Send 7 New Elected People to DC


On May 20, 2014 Georgia holds its first primary. A primary runoff is set for July 22nd for each contest where no candidate receives 50% of the vote plus one. The general election is November 4th, a general runoff election for state and local is set for December 2nd, and a general election runoff for federal is set for January 6, 2015. That is a whole lot of voting going on for Georgia voters, and with one open US Senate seat and three open US House seats, they will be sending three or possibly four new people to DC. All three House members running for the US Senate seat have to lose for it to be four new people. Currently polls show David Perdue, cousin of former GOP Governor Sonny Perdue, leading the pack of GOP candidates running for US Senate.

The Democrat contender for the US Senate seat is former Senator Sam Nunn’s daughter, and the Democrat contender for Governor is the grandson of former Governor Jimmy Carter. Democrats are licking their chops at winning these two contests, but the majority of Georgian voters are going to elect the Republican for the US Senate seat and reelect Governor Nathan Deal. There is also a chance that three of the five House seats with incumbent Democrats could be sending a new replacement to DC.

Hank “Guam is gonna tip” Johnson could lose his primary in Georgia’s 4th district to DeKalb County Sheriff Tom Brown. John Barrow could lose in Georgia’s 12th district general election to Eugene Chin Yu. Sanford Bishop could lose in the 2nd district general election to Vivian Childs. If it went this way, then by January 7, 2015 Georgia would still have 2 Republican US Senators, and they would pick up two seats to have 11 US House seats to the Democrats 3 House seats. They could be sending 6 new people to the US House and one new person to the US Senate.

David Perdue for US Senate

Dr. Bob Johnson GA-1

Vivian Childs GA-2

Vivian Childs

Tom Brown GA-4

Donna Sheldon GA-10

Barry Loudermilk GA-11

Eugene Yu GA-12

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Mike DeVine
April 24, 2014 8:11 pm

Great report guy

April 27, 2014 2:07 pm

GA doing the heavy lifting we all need to do state to state.

vassar bushmills
April 27, 2014 2:53 pm

Thanks for helping Chamberlin-the-red off the page, Jaded. She doesn’t know that Vinnie and Augie are on the case now. Hope she doesn’t have a white garage door