Well, Charles C.W. Cooke Just Hates Slavery, Now Doesn’t He?


But apparently he’s not too much concerned about our “fortunes and our sacred honor”.


From National Review Online today:

“I daresay that I would not stand idly by quoting John Adams if a state reintroduced slavery or herded a religious group into ovens or even indulged in wholesale gun confiscation. But Bundy’s case is not remotely approaching these thresholds. Are we to presume that if the government is destroying one’s livelihood or breaking one’s ties with the past, one can revolt?”

Ponder that remark for a while. According to Cooke, destroying one’s livelihood or breaking ties with one’s past is nowhere on a par with ‘slavery’. Really, Charles? Really?? And need we remind you, in your passionate concern about following the law, that the slavery you claim you would make a stand against was, during it’s practice, fully “legal”?

Apparently, there is no point, 80%, 87%, or even 100% of private property taken by the federal government , as long as some federal judge (there are 864 of them)  can be found to say it’s OK, that would justify a radical reaction from Cliven Bundy, or Cliven Bundy’s family, or Cliven Bundy’s neighbors, or Cliven Bundy’s fellow citizens all over the Western United States.

Not to presume to edify Mr. Cooke or any of a number of other commentators who will come out over the course of the next weeks and months in favor of “the rule of law”, as Cooke has done, but the American Revolution and the establishment of this thing called the United States of America, and our system, traditions (important word, that) and yes, laws, came about not in consequence of slavery, extermination of religious sects or even the right to keep and bear arms. Though expansive and as a result of a ‘long train of abuses’, in the immediate sense it was about property, Charlie. Taxation, to put a fine point on it, which entails the seizure, whether by some law or whim, of assets.

So when Mr. Cooke doesn’t want people to get too worked up over a silly little thing like property (“our fortunes”), he is telling the Bundy’s “It’s not worth a revolt, folks. Spilt milk. Why, there’s still some private land left in Northern Oklahoma. Pack up and move.” (Yes, get on that Underground Railroad, White People, and escape your plight. Slavery, Charlie? There is a correlation, my friend.)

And then of course, there is the wholly trivial issue, to Charlie, of ‘breaking one’s ties with the past’. Why, just go with the flow, chillun’. That’s what the people who were put on those sailing ships on the West Coast of Africa did, right?

Charlie Cooke, and those who will soon be repeating his mantra are not to be dismissed as shallow in any sense, nor are their hearts necessarily or absolutely in the wrong place. He does exhibit some sympathy for the plight of the Bundys.  But it is not coincidental that at the same time the Obama Administration and it’s useful idiots are throwing the race card around willy nilly, and at the same time school districts all across the land are putting “slavery” into the curriculum for the K-1,2 and 3 attendees, Charlie doesn’t want any revolutions going on in this country except if black people are rounded up and sent to work in the tofu fields (wherever those are). It’s called forty years of Socialist Progressive messages everywhere, all the time. It’s called bleeding-heart liberalism having bled through the entire fabric of society and massive doses of guilt trip continually administered. It just almost totally beclouds otherwise rational peoples’ ability to connect dots and to maintain …..”one’s ties with the past.”

Yes, it appears Charlie Cooke is a big law-and-order guy, which in normal circumstances is a good thing. Unfortunately for him, today he runs the risk of being put in the company of this guy:

Harry in sunglasses

who smilingly uttered these words about the Clark County, Nevada situation yesterday:

“Well, it’s not over,” Reid told NBC’s Nevada affiliate KRNV on Monday. “We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over.”

See, both Harry Reid and Charles C.W. Cooke are genuinely concerned about “Americans” breaking the law. Cliven Bundy’s “legal problems” date back 20 years, but his real problem is being an American. Well, it has been for the last 20 years, but perhaps being an American may be coming back into vogue. We’ll see.

Bundy horseback

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Poor. No advanced degrees. Unorganized. Feeble. Disjointed. Random. Past it. .... Intrigued, Interested, Patriotic and Lucky.

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