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Disparity, Inequality, Redistribution and Hating Your Coach

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—-Author’s Note: This may be Part 2 of a Series, since I wrote a piece the other day with almost the same identical title. Who knows.

There is getting to be just about no getting away from the strident calls for “social justice”, redistribution and “reducing the wealth gap” these days. Remember, it was just a few weeks ago that the MSM started touting college football players being able to organize.

Now these USA Today sportswriters (I have hated sportswriters for going on twenty years now, ever since they hounded Bob Knight out of Indiana University) have jumped on the bandwagon. The headline for this piece in my local paper was actually “NCAA Life: Rich Coaches, Poor Players ”


The financial divide between Alford and his players reflects a national trend: College scholarship athletes face thousands in out-of-pocket costs while coaches’ salaries — and revenue from college sports — continue to rise dramatically, a USA TODAY Sports analysis shows.

If you read the piece, note the part where it talks about the players being so poor they have to resort to attending frat parties and playing low-cost video games for entertainment. Good God! That’s just cruel and unusual punishment right there.

Close on the heels of the article about the “poor players’, there is an article today by Nancy Armour of USA Today about the NCAA leadership. Well, Nancy’s just beside herself that the NCAA Pres. just doesn’t drop what he’s doing and “address” all these issues. See, USA Today, and other outlets, aren’t going to just let this thing go. And the point is, it is part and parcel of the politicization of every facet of the culture, every social venue, every large-scale human interaction or daily routine. It must be politicized, because, like, social justice.

This paragraph from her piece could be taken as just a little personal rant on her part, or it could be taken as an in-your-face statement by the pushers and shovers:

“That these folks couldn’t — or wouldn’t — clear their schedules is further proof the NCAA doesn’t grasp how dire a situation it’s facing. Like it or not, the collegiate athletic system is going to change — drastically. But rather than being proactive and taking the lead, Emmert and the
NCAA seem content to let others dictate their fate.”

Like it or not…..???? Who? The NCAA? The fans? The universities? America?

The collegiate athletic system is going to change — drastically. Oh? It’s going to happen, says Nancy. And she’s probably right, but based on what? Based on the fans and athletic boosters and universities’ desire to see it happen, or on the communists’ desire to see it happen? What inside info does Nancy, or do her editors at USA Today have?

But rather than being proactive and taking the lead, Emmert and the NCAA seem content to let others dictate their fate.” – In other words, you won’t do the right thing as we tell you you should, as Myles Brand did with the banning of Native American names as team names and mascots, for example, so it’s going to be done for you. We gave you a chance to be proactive and make our work easier, so now we’re going to have to play hardball. Nancy is laying the law down here. And she’s got a lot of precedent on her side, so President Emmert would do well to read and heed. Sportswriters get (political) results.
So now the question becomes, are the women’s field hockey players at Kennesaw State University going to become the beneficiaries of this new social justice push in college athletics?

Or, as is usually the case in the redistributionist schemes being pushed in various commercial, academic, and social enterprises around the country, does the word “reparations” come into play here? Pigford, anyone? Oh, yes, when we say “drastically”, we do mean “drastically, don’t we Nancy?
Recall how in the Pigford scandal, you didn’t have to actually be a farmer to get paid. You just had to claim that you kind of had a hankering to be a farmer, but the system was stacked against you. Imagine, if you will, the millions of families seeing the dollar signs in this “get paid to play” scheme and producing illiterate little Johnny who “always wanted to be a college football player” but was turned down. Oh, the possibilities are endless.

You want to talk “fundamental transformation”? We are hard into it, folks. Take a tip from Nancy Armour. And of course Bob Dylan foretold all this decades ago:

If your time to you
Is worth savin’
Then you better start swimmin’
Or you’ll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin’.
—–Bob Dylan, The Times They Are A Changin’

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