First, They Came For The History Teachers. And We Said Nothing ….




The immediate inspiration for this post came from this article illustrating the confounding, confusing, unnecessarily complicated and time-consuming steps the Common Core curriculum wants budding little mathematicians to go through to solve simple math problems.

common core math

In it, a frustrated, fed-up father who holds an engineering degree points out the absurdity of the child’s assignment and ends his rant with this blunt assessment and warning of what would happen in his profession if an engineer tried going through those gymnastics to solve a real-world problem:

“The process used is ridiculous and would result in termination if used.”

Well….yeah! That is, in 2014. Who knows what will happen in 2034. We might have a bunch of pseudo-engineers running around trying to build bridges using this garbage. But the more likely scenario is that, if there are any bridges built, they will be built by Chinese engineers, because those people are too smart to use this thing called the Common Core curriculum.

It is our understanding that the curriculum developed to date centers only on Math and Reading, with the other disciplines to follow in due course. But what we would like to ask the engineer and frustrated father featured in the article is “Why are you so late to this party that is the destruction of American education

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and learning? Have you been locked away in your lab or office all these years doing your computations or designing your hardware while the classics of History and Literature and traditional Social Studies have been contorted and distorted and relegated to the back burner with the propagation of political correctness and environmentalism, multiculturalism and neo -narcissistic ‘Save-the-Worldism’? Don’t you read the newspapers?

This “It is of no import to me, for I am not a Jew or a trade unionist or an English teacher” attitude was all right until you had a child who had to deal with a bricks-and-mortar, elementary, rudimentary math lesson. And now you wail “Why would people deliberately do something this stupid?” Well, the answer to your question is “For the same reason they have mangled or sidelined History, Literature, political science and the rest of the liberal arts. They have a freaking agenda. Did you think they would never get around to you? And the sciences? And finally to your precious child?”

From the same source referenced in the Design001blog, there is another example, this time from a PHD. This parent is baffled by the homework assignment given to a kindergartener (Oh, yes, in case you weren’t aware, kindergarteners get no slack. They have TONS of homework. Being a kid isn’t what it used to be. But we digress.)

Subtraction stories

“I have a Ph.D., and I have no idea what is supposed to be done with this homework assignment,” the flummoxed father told The Daily Caller.

Oh, dear Doctor of Something! Can you imagine the angst of a parent who is a McDonald’s employee whose task it is to punch a picture of a cheeseburger into a cash register and give the patron the amount of money the register says to give him in change, can you imagine that parent’s distress over her kindergartener’s homework assignments? Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we have moved 180 degrees in diametric opposition to the crusade for ‘no child to be left behind’. We are moving into ‘untold millions of children will be left by the wayside to become wards of the state’ territory, or misdirected to certain……allegiances. But again, we digress.

hitler jugend

So, dear PHD-holder, as in the case of the bachelor-of-science-degreed engineer above, have you been oblivious to the politicization of education in this country? Have you been otherwise pre-occupied? Did you not ever wonder why it wasn’t important to teach history, let alone American History anymore, or if it was why it had to be done under the cognizance and purview of the PC Police? Wait….you’re not a PHD in climate science, are you? One who cashes in on the ‘federal grant’ gravy train? If so, we wish your child all the best, but as for you, here’s a tip: One day soon, PHD’s aren’t going to be needed in ANY profession or discipline. And those grants? Those will be gone with the winds that never occurred like Al Gore said they would because of global climatic heat changes or some such gobbledygook.

The question all you ‘degreed engineers’ and ‘PHD’s out there have to ask yourselves is: Have we sat idly by for too long while traditional education and learning was co-opted and corrupted in the United States of America? And if there still might be time for a reversal of fortune, are the little wakeup calls you are getting in your personal anecdotes described here today things that ought to get you involved to a greater degree than just complaining about what little Johnny is being taught down at PS132 in ‘Subtraction 901’?

Once more..for effect: A bunch of anecdotes eventually add up to For Real. The agendaites don’t do obviously ridiculous, counterintuitive, counterproductive things in concert with their bretheren across the fruited plain for no reason. And that reason is not the pursuit of excellence, is it? You out there who claim to be able to add and subtract need to start taking away some lessons from this latest push to “reform” education and start putting two and two together.


h/t: PUMABydesign001’s blog

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Poor. No advanced degrees. Unorganized. Feeble. Disjointed. Random. Past it. .... Intrigued, Interested, Patriotic and Lucky.
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Poor. No advanced degrees. Unorganized. Feeble. Disjointed. Random. Past it. .... Intrigued, Interested, Patriotic and Lucky.

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vassar bushmills
March 29, 2014 3:02 pm

I was led to believe that Indiana was about to throw Common Core out, Bob. Any truth to that?