Club for Growth Scorecard Reveals Opportunities for Improvement



Club for Growth publishes this scorecard so our members and the public can monitor the actions and the voting behavior of Members of Congress on economic growth issues.

We conducted a comprehensive examination of each lawmaker’s record on pro-growth policies and computed an Economic Growth Score on a scale of 0 to 100. A score of 100 indicates the highest support for pro-growth policies. Those lawmakers scoring 90 or higher in 2013— and who also have a lifetime score of 90 or higher—receive the Defender of Economic Freedom award. These lawmakers’ names are highlighted in yellow.

It’s discouraging to see just how few elected members have voting records for

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pro-growth economic policies. They offer the caveat that the voting record does not account for a lawmaker’s work in committee, advocacy in his party’s caucus meetings, and effectiveness as a leader in advocating pro-growth policies. blah blah blah Votes taken trump all of the bloviating that they do. One positive way to look at this data is to note the scores for members who are retiring. There are currently 12 who are retiring completely from holding elected office in the US House, and 10 more who are running for a seat in the US Senate. Below is a table for the 12. Only one of them is a Defender of Economic Freedom award recipient. This can only be a positive if the voters in these congressional districts elect a better person this election. Rush recently observed that the Republicans gaining 6 additional seats is only good for us if the 6 new people are not identical to John McCain.

State/Dist. Member Rank Score Lifetime
AL-6 Spencer Bachus 193 52% 68%
AR-2 Tim Griffin 151 63% 68%
CA-25 Buck McKeon 217 46% 67%
CA-31 Gary Miller 145 64% 77%
CA-45 John Campbell 89 76% 88%
IA-3 Tom Latham 217 46% 60%
MN-6 Michele Bachmann 23 90% 92%
NC-6 Howard Coble 176 58% 72%
NJ-3 Jon Runyan 223 43% 47%
PA-6 Jim Gerlach 223 43% 45%
VA-10 Frank Wolf 189 53% 53%
WA-4 Doc Hastings 172 59% 68%

Below is a table of Defender of Economic Freedom award recipients. South Carolina, Arizona, and Ohio have 10 of the 19 award recipients. If we elected 200 more members to the House like these members, then we would truly have a majority and be on the way to being the establishment instead of the so-called fringe whacko-birds.

State/Dist. Member Rank Score Lifetime
SC-1 Mark Sanford 16 95% 95%
SC-3 Jeff Duncan 8 97% 97%
SC-4 Trey Gowdy 8 97% 95%
SC-5 Mick Mulvaney 8 97% 96%
AZ-5 Matt Salmon 1 100% 100%
AZ-6 David Schweikert 1 100% 96%
AZ-8 Trent Franks 1 100% 98%
OH-1 Steve Chabot 14 96% 92%
OH-2 Brad Wenstrup 23 90% 90%
OH-4 Jim Jordan 8 97% 98%
KS-1 Tim Huelskamp 7 98% 99%
KS-4 Mike Pompeo 14 96% 90%
CA-4 Tom McClintock 1 100% 98%
FL-5 Ron DeSantis 5 99% 99%
IN-3 Marlin Stutzman 22 91% 93%
KY-4 Thomas Massie 19 93% 93%
MI-3 Justin Amash 6 99% 100%
OK-1 Jim Bridenstine 8 97% 97%
PA-4 Scott Perry 23 90% 90%

The tables below are the results in the US Senate. Currently four are retiring, and one of these is a Defender of Economic Freedom award recipients. There are eight Defender of Economic Freedom award

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recipients from eight different states.

State Member Rank Score Lifetime
GA Saxby Chambliss 40 61% 80%
LA David Vitter 24 78% 83%
NE Mike Johanns 31 71% 74%
OK Thomas Coburn 8 93% 96%

State Member Rank Score Lifetime
FL Marco Rubio 12 91% 93%
ID James Risch 4 94% 90%
KY Rand Paul 3 97% 99%
OK James Inhofe 7 94% 93%
PA Patrick Toomey 8 93% 94%
SC Tim Scott 6 94% 92%
TX Ted Cruz 1 100% 100%
UT Mike Lee 1 100% 100%

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March 1, 2014 1:33 pm

Yes, it’s only positive if better people are elected. And it’s probably also only positive if the ones elected don’t elect John /Boehner as Speaker again.

Melody Warbington
March 5, 2014 4:09 pm

Thankfully, Spencer Bachus – AL06 is retiring. We have a slate of 7 Republicans running in the primary. I’m supporting Scott Beason, retiring state senator. Beason has a solid conservative record and has been a good friend to tea parties in the state. Close behind are Chad Mathis and Gary Palmer. Next are Paul DeMarco and Tom Vignuelle. Solid no’s for me are Will Brooke and Robert Shattuck. If Beason wins, he should be able to pull Mo Brooks further to the right and hopefully others would follow. Currently, the Alabama delegation is nowhere near what it should be considering… Read more »