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Picking A Bone With Thomas Sowell



A bit presumptuous on our part, yes.  Nevertheless, here goes:  One of the most prescient, cogent and articulate of commentators in our lifetime, Professor Sowell has a piece up at The American Spectator whose theme is the “rift” in the Republican Party between the Establishment and the staunch conservative faction, led ostensibly by Ted Cruz.  It is a two parter, with part one seemingly laying most of the blame at Cruz’ feet for fractures within the party, supposedly by starting fights that cannot be won, and handing election victories to the Democrats which they do not deserve.  The net effect, says Sowell, is to deny the Republican Party the near-term opportunity to save the country from the ravages of, for example, Obamacare.  And perhaps worse things to come from the Socialist Progressives in their powerlust and transformational schemes.

We delight in Part Two where Sowell takes John Boehner to task for faulty leadership.  Sowell is nothing if not even-handedly analytical.  But in part one, where he claims Cruz is hurting “the cause”, he rightly states:

But what the federal government can do is not dependent on what the Constitution authorizes it to do or what Congressional legislation gives them the power to do.

The basic, brutal reality is that the federal government can do whatever it wants to do, if nobody stops them. The Supreme Court’s Obamacare decision shows that we cannot depend on them to protect our freedom. Nor will Congress, as long as the Democrats control the Senate.

…….. and then wrongly goes on paint Ted Cruz as the posterboy for us not getting our freedoms back.  Whaaaaattttt?????

Notice that we emboldened “if nobody stops them.” Exactly. Sowell’s argument of course is that the Republicans have to win elections in order to “stop them.” The glaring omission in Sowell’s piece is that the Republicans won the election in 2010. You couldn’t have missed it, Tom. It was historic.  No, they didn’t win the Senate, but bills for raising revenue originate in the House, Tom.  As the epitome of an economist and  a multidisciplinary scholar over a long career , you know that.  Further, they won chairmanships of many powerful committees with considerable visibility and not a small amount of subpoena power.
The House of Representatives has been controlled by John Boehner and the Republicans for three years, during which some of the most egregious and damning scandals in the history of the United States (you know what they are, we’ll just namedrop Brian Terry for the moment) have occurred. Not only did nobody stop them, after they occurred, nobody did anything about it.  THEY AREN’T EVEN TALKING ABOUT IT ANYMORE.

Sowell ‘s emphasis on the importance of winning elections is valid up to the point where he seems to intimate, like so many others out there, that if you do not have absolute control over both Houses of Congress, plus dominion in the other two branches of government, there is just nothing you can do to “stop them.”

Bzzzzz! Wrong answer,Thomas. The correct answer is that if you do not call evil by it’s name, if you do not make the case, as Cruz (and oh, by the way, not just Cruz) is making, you’re not going to win the election in the first place.

And more. John Boehner is not the only one out there not making the case. The entire Party Establishment is not making the case. The same establishment that is conniving by means of compromise to hand victories to the Socialists on several fronts, most prominently immigration reform, something Sowell himself has lambasted eloquently.

Cruz as the villain of the piece? No, Thomas. The Republicans, through their power of the purse control in the House and their power of oversight in both chambers, but especially in the House, has been tried and found wanting. You have admitted as much to some extent in Part Two.

But in the end, Tom Sowell is not a politician, he is an economist, albeit an astute and wise observer of many, many socio-political subjects. See here for some actual politicos’ takes on what is wrong with the polity. It is not Ted Cruz. It is corruption.


h/t: Maggie’s Notebook

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