Why McConnell and Cornyn Should Not Be Reelected


Kentucky and Texas share some similarities with respect to their senators. They each have a tea party conservative, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. They also both have an establishment Republican, Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn. Texas is different than Kentucky with respect to being a safe Republican instead of toss-up contest. It does not have to be that way in Kentucky. Kentucky went for Romney instead of Obama in 2012 by more than 20 points. If McConnell was not of the establishment, then the Republican party would have persuaded him to retire. That’s what they did to Michelle Bachmann. Her congressional district in Minnesota was a toss-up contest until she announced her retirement, and now it is projected as a safe Republican seat.

Texas should not reelect John Cornyn because he opposes Ted Cruz on the major issues, and he does it in a sneaky manner. The sneaky part is that he votes YES for cloture on the amnesty bill, striking defunding obamacare from the continuing resolution, and increasing the debt limit. Then he flips and votes NO on final passage of these bills. This way he can claim to be a “conservative” who fights Obama and the Democrats. All of the Senate Republican leadership are hypocrites in this fashion of voting one way on the cloture vote and then flipping on final passage. In 2014 only Cornyn and McConnell have seats that expire. Republican Conference Chairman John Thune’s term expires in 2016, and Republican Policy Chairman John Barasso’s term expires in 2018. For the record, John Barasso is the only one of these four who did not play this game on the amnesty bill. Earlier in this Congress they were able to get enough moderates to vote YES for cloture so they could keep clean. The moderates eventually got tired of leaders acting like they are more “pure” than them, and later on leaders had to make these votes more frequently.

The driveby media denigrates tea party Republicans as extremist whacko birds who are insisting on an extreme purity and 100% agreement on everything. This is just another false narrative and meme intended to destroy the opposition to the big government establishment in Washington, DC. Tea party Republicans are not in lockstep on every political issue. They are in agreement that the federal government is too big, too intrusive, and kills jobs and economic growth.

The graphic images below are from the Heritage Action Scorecard for comparing the cloture votes for Cornyn, McConnell, Tim Scott, and Jeff Sessions. Every senator has votes that one can agree or disagree with, but the pattern of voting YES for cloture and flipping to NO on final passage is simply disgusting hypocrisy that voters should not reward in 2014. All four are running for reelection, but Tim Scott and Jeff Sessions are the only two of this quartet who have earned the reward of winning their election.

McConnell and Cornyn

Scott and Sessions

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I am retired after 36 years of being a state of Indiana employee. I enjoy writing and reading conservative blogs.
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I am retired after 36 years of being a state of Indiana employee. I enjoy writing and reading conservative blogs.

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Mike DeVine
February 19, 2014 2:55 pm

Ditto Pil’

Melody Warbington
February 26, 2014 1:23 am

I don’t always agree with Senator Sessions, but now that he has some conservative company (Cruz & Lee), he’s become more outspoken. He’s been solid as a rock lately, and conservatives here in Alabama have let him know how much we appreciate it. The rest of our delegation, not so much.