Obama Aims To Put Young White Men In Prison


don't tase me, bro


The estimable Eric H. Holder, Attorney General of the United States, spoke early and often in the first Obama term about “sentencing disparity” and the “disproportionate number” of black men in prison for nonviolent crimes. He and his President and their co-conspirators in Congress had some success in springing black men from the slammer, or helping them avoid it altogether, by legislation that would reduce mandatory minimum sentencing, among other things.

But he has been on record recently bloviating again about the social injustice of it all. It never really quits with him. He is a practitioner of racial animus of the first order. Obama is as well, though his has been slightly more stealthy due to his higher public visibility.

Did you think the boys would stop at clanging open prison doors? Oh, no. For you see, as Obama has spoken about during his tenure, there are ways of obtaining revenge, and of “punishing” one’s “enemies” (mostly the conservative-leaning white male race.   See Gallup, Rasmussen, et al. for the percentages)  The next step is to start clanging them shut, with a new breed of inmate inside.

From the President’s weekly radio address:

An estimated 1 in 5 women is sexually assaulted at college – and that’s totally unacceptable. So I’ve created the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault. We’re going to help schools do a better job of preventing and responding to sexual assault on their campuses.

Remember the word “assault”.

Now imagine, if you will, the campus of a major university in the United States with 20,000 students. These days, at least half are women, usually more. So what Obama is saying that in any given school year there are typically 20%, or 2,000 women being sexually assaulted on that one campus every year. 2,000 sexual assaults. We’re not going to go in the weeds and do the math, but simply point out that, accounting for spring and summer and semester breaks, when these students are on campus it must be nothing but complete chaos, with long lines waiting to file reports, sirens blaring all the time, police chases across campus. Must be impossible to maintain a learning environment. Why on earth would parents send their young women to a place like that?

There has already been an initiative in this “sexual assault on college campuses” scare that the O-Team is seemingly responding to. You may have read a few years back about how Education Secretary Arne Duncan has made it a priority to curb sexual assaults, or at least facilitate the mandhandling of the dastardly predators in local jurisdictions, by coercing college administrators to respond to any complaint of the smallest gradation of sexual overture or innuendo by one student to another, or whatever definition Duncan deems appropriate, with a swift and automatic classification of a sexual offense, including “assault”, and to instigate immediate and swift disciplinary action, including expulsion and up to calling in local police and facilitating the filing of criminal charges.

The carrot/stick Duncan intends to use in forcing colleges to accede to his demands is the threat of withholding federal funding. Nothing novel about that federal policy approach and intrusion into private and States’ Rights issues, is there?

What success Duncan is having is unknown at this point, but it is hard to imagine, after military brass falling all over themselves to comply with administration schemes to declare military commands nothing more than lawless rape zones and start shipping soldiers off to state and federal court at the first sign of a teardrop on the face of a WAC, that university administrators, increasingly Statist to their inner cores in these modern times, would not roll over upon command.

But whether that’s so or not, apparently Obama thinks the harassment and intimidation and monitoring and censure and possible incarceration of young males (and we say “white” because it’s a given that the male college population is overwhelmingly white) must proceed on more than one front and given special emphasis, so he is creating his “White House Task Force.”
(BTW: Black offenders under this new initiative will have nothing to fear from the Obama administration. Holder and Duncan have already addressed any concerns they might have, as we mentioned here.)

Here’s what to look for: Maximum media coverage of the White House Task Force’s investigations and inquiries, with special emphasis on “victim’s” horror stories. Televised press conferences reminiscent of the ‘Sandra Fluke birth control’ affair, et cetera, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Demands for action by ‘influential members of Congress’. And finally,( mark your calendars for a date set to distract from another Obama scandal) the fateful words from the President’s mouth – “I have instructed the Attorney General to…..” – and the die will be cast.

For all the discussion about the “War on Women”, and all the brave conservatives lining up to rebut the notion these days, there is precious little mention even in conservative circles or conservative media outlets or by conservative politicians, of the War on Young White Men, or white men in general when you expand the scope of the problem to include policy issues across the broad expanse of the sociopolitical scene.

As far as what the immediate or long term intent, it may be that this White House Task Force force is a trial balloon, or a quick experiment. If there isn’t much pushback, or critical analysis, it may become a model to use to subjugate or control segments of the population under the guise of addressing “crime” or “injustice” or “anti-social behavior.” No need to declare martial law, don’t you see?

How Barack Obama gets away with saying the things he says, or where he gets the “data” from when he makes some of the assertions he makes, has long baffled us casual observers. But it takes not much common sense at all to ridicule the notion that 1 out of every five girls you see on a college campuses will be “assaulted”. The only possible way to come up with such an outlandish assertion would be to classify the act of smilingly holding a classroom door open for one’s coed classmate as a “sexual assault”. And if you research it, many who follow these things believe something like that is what Duncan had in mind when he wanted colleges to set up committees to deal with the scourge of campus sexual assaults.

There have been rumored to be multiple ways of skinning a cat, and also of guaranteeing certain outcomes, or advancing certain…..policy objectives. Barack Obama and Eric Holder, along with their “wannabe” black buddy Arne Duncan, are not pikers or amateurs when it comes to devising new and exciting ways to “fundamentally transform” America, which includes denigrating and punishing the opposition.

Many have feared the onset of a race war in these United States due to the antics of the Obama team. Oh, good friends, whether this group welcomes such a development or not, one thing ought to be abundantly clear by now – they do not fear it.

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Poor. No advanced degrees. Unorganized. Feeble. Disjointed. Random. Past it. .... Intrigued, Interested, Patriotic and Lucky.

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