Their Hearts Don’t Bleed Anymore


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Have you noticed how no one on the left side of the spectrum bemoans the plight of ‘inner city youth’ anymore?  Come to think of it, they don’t fret and stew over the ‘inner city’ in general anymore.  It’s as if they are blind to the plight of the dropouts, the gang-prone, the jobless, homeless and all the rest.

Everyone knows about black-on-black murder and mayhem in Chicago, Newark, Detroit and other metropoli, but there is also the case of Indianapolis, where the murder rate is soaring.  And did you know that HIV_AIDS is making a comeback?  Due to drug therapy and other interventions, it isn’t as necessarily fatal in the short term as it once was, but here too, the libs don’t seem to care much anymore.  They just pretend it’s so important for their gay pals to wear wedding rings, or something.

The jobless and poverty rates are an abomination, but the important thing for the Social Democrats is to insist that whatever the case may be, to attribute any of it to Barack Obama is a federal crime.

And all the while, people in all walks of life are not only losing their health insurance coverage, they are losing the traditional forms of safety net care like Medicaid and Medicare because all the money is being diverted, not just to prop up the administration’s farce known as Obamacare, but to propagandize the wonderfulness of it and to funnel much of the funds supposedly earmarked for it to ‘community activist’ groups chartered by the Obama-ites to shepherd the folk through the enrollment process, only to have the ball dropped somewhere along the Information Superhighway, resulting in less medical coverage and care than before, or none at all.  And Maureen Dowd could care less.

There was a time when even the strictest Party Line adherents of the social welfare set, even those opposed to war in any scenario, would nevertheless be profoundly outraged when those in service of this country were mistreated, abandoned or forgotten.  Nowadays, you cannot find a Democrat of any stripe willing to call out the Obama team for the despicable, unconscionable acts in re Benghazi on 9/11/2012.  They probably don’t even recall the names of those who were sacrificed.  They are probably teaching themselves to recite the memorable protestation of Hillary R. Clinton last year before the House Committee – “What difference, at this point, does it make?’ – as some sort of campaign slogan or something.

They care not.

In perhaps a harbinger of things to come, Bill Clinton allowed 900,000 Rwandans to be slaughtered during his term in office, because, well, it was just Africa, for Pete’s sake.  Oh, they all just rued it later, wished they had done more, wished they had more intel or boots on the ground or something.  So what is happening now?  Under another Socialist Progressive’s watch?  Sectarian and territorial mayhem is adding up into the tens of thousands of fatalities in Northern and Central Africa, maybe the hundreds of thousands.  Who knows? Nobody is keeping score.  Computers must be down or something.  NSA is too busy collecting metadata on Western Civilization.  Nobody cares, anyway.  It’s still just Africa. (But boy let’s huzzah another spate of movies about the  slavery of centuries past  in yesterday’s America, huh???!!! )

Yes, bleeding heart liberalism always was a sham and a pretense.  We all know that.  But the point is they have now dropped all pretense.  They don’t even trot out the old arguments anymore, in part probably because all the old prescriptions failed and even though they fooled most of the people most of the time, the show can’t go on forever. And they don’t much press the issues these days in large part probably because they are busy trying to preserve what perks, perquisites and fiduciary arrangements they enjoy because they, like those of us on the right side of things, see some very stormy weather ahead.

Team Obama gave it the old college try as far as setting up the dictatorship of the bureaucracy.  Problem is, there was just way too much incompetence.  The dumbing down of America affected their soldiers as well as ours.  Too bad about that.

So what Barack and his team, and their handlers appear to be about now is letting loose the dogs of anarchy.  We fully expect to see mass release of felons from federal prisons and encouragement, by bribe or whatever regulatory or judicial schemes available, and for the same to happen at the State level.

We already know that border enforcement is being low-balled and discouraged. We have heard as much straight from the mouths of border agents themselves. The Mexican cartels will soon have an almost unimpeded straight-shot access to the innards of the country.  Soon it will be just as bloody up here as it has been south of the border.  Obama and Holder could care less.  America must be fundamentally transformed.

Utopia?  Nobody believes in that anymore.  It is becoming common knowledge that America is more and more dysfunctional with each passing day.  The social justice advocates of yesteryear sense it’s bad because they can’t even find anyone to argue with anymore; they can’t depend on conservatives to bail them out for the sake of God and Country like in the old days.  Everyone has surrendered, so there is no cause.  And there is an unsettling, disquieting discomfort among them that what is impending is far from Utopia.  It is in fact doom.  They don’t have the space to vent their bleeding hearts all over the place.  They are worried about survival, just like the righties.

So that, those they used to champion are more and more on their own these days. Black youth, working women, heck, you don’t even see the erstwhile “heroic single moms” get much respect anymore.

And the hearts of us patriots, who remember a time when America truly cared, when compassion wasn’t feigned, bleed for our countrymen being abandoned, being left to ‘twist slowly, slowly in the wind’, to borrow a phrase from the late John Ehrlichman.   But  Nixon’s henchmen  were pikers in the callous indifference game, compared to our Social Democrat friends.

The moment cries out for leadership.  Opportunity knocks.  Who will answer?

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Poor. No advanced degrees. Unorganized. Feeble. Disjointed. Random. Past it. .... Intrigued, Interested, Patriotic and Lucky.
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Poor. No advanced degrees. Unorganized. Feeble. Disjointed. Random. Past it. .... Intrigued, Interested, Patriotic and Lucky.

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