The GOP’s Default Sell-Out Position on Immigration, A Primer for Primary Challengers

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I was happy to learn through Pilgrim that our mutual friend, Rep Eric Cantor, of Virginia’s 7th District, already has a primary challenger this year. His name is Dave Brat.

You’ll want to send Dave an encouraging word and any other expressions of support you can muster in these hard times. I plan to light a few fires around here.

Wisely Dave is doing what I hope dozens of other conservative Republicans will do very soon, and that is throw their hat into the ring before the Immigration vote is scheduled, as John Boehner has already indicated he doesn’t want to schedule that vote until the filing deadlines have passed. In this way conservative candidates will not have time to jump into the race in order to salve voter anger against the GOP incumbents, who clearly, Boehner expects, will be voting against the will of their constituents.

(At least we’re getting a clearer focus on just what that elusive “higher purpose” is the GOP Establishment claims to be clinging to.)

Just so you’ll know, the Establishment math behind this is that the candidate who is hated by only 50% of the voters will likely win over the candidate…the Democrat…who is hated by as many as 70%. This is Boehner’s idea of courage under fire. It’s my idea of cynicism.

For the challengers: I believe the arguments on immigration used by the Establishment GOP, as we’ve heard so many times before, are canned and pharisaical, (vain repetitions), and when put to the test, insincere. They are crafted language that try to convey one meaning before a vote, but can be used to sustain a “That’s not what I meant” reply after the vote.

While people like Cantor are able to deliver those canned lines in front of a microphone uninterrupted, they can’t, I think, do as well under a parry of facts and figures, which are readily available to any who will do their homework. Specious arguments all, they are vulnerable to direct, face-to-face contradiction.

Ser Americano (To Be American)

You already know my position on immigration. It’s simpler than most.

If an immigrant can kneel down and kiss the ground and bless the name of America and the Constitution, instead of the feet of the Democrat or Republican Party, I want him here, no matter how he got here. That has to be the first objective of any immigration policy…

…Ser Americano (To Be American)

If they only want to become hired hands, or we only want hired hands, try another way. A cheap 10-page guest-worker law will work better instead.

There is actually some science, math and history to back this position up, for one of the demonstrable facts that destroys the old Malthus myth about population growth is that when poorer (and more fecund) populations immigrate to more advanced and affluent economies, if the productive capacity of that economy is increased, the breeding population diminishes it fecundity in the process. Over-population does not occur, because the immigrant population does measurably better than had they stayed home, in this case, south of the border. America does immeasurably better with 23 million employed then with 23 million under-or-unemployed.

Citations on this fact abound. Let’s just say “It’s a law.”

But also part of that law is that…

…the immigrants must accept the dominant economic culture, its traditions and its moralities. Ser Americano (To be American)

In other words, if they come as foreigners or outsiders and remain as foreigners or outsiders, all bets are off. Instead of enhanced, the national economy is diminished and drained of it resources. That’s why the “melting pot” idea always worked, and always will, and why the Democrat Party despise this notion so much.

Based on this simple 80-word policy definition above, and on what we know anecdotally of Latino intentions in coming here in the first place, most do not want to remain as citizens or obtains any other permanent status. Instead, most would like to build up enough capital to build a better house for their families back home in Guadalajara or Durango, only with the ability to travel back and forth with papers, until the job is done, usually a few years. In this way they can avoid the annual “coyote fee” to come and go.

The rest can process their papers and stand in line just as current law provides.

This can be done, as I said, with ten pages of legislation. And for the business donors of both parties, this should satisfy them completely. They want the labor, and are generally uninterested in political positioning beyond that.

American business wants cheap labor, we all know this. Some of these are deep pocket Republicans while others are deep pocket Democrats. No one to date has bothered to inquire which of those are also of the Big Business-crony capitalist variety, which we often associate with Wall Street, and which are of the smaller, mid-sized private businesses, represented by the various chamber of commerce-type groups.

I think this also satisfies the Republican’s basic desires as well. Create a work-pass system, no path to citizenship, for say 10-15-20 years, with right of renewal, and all is good.

This is not complicated, for this fulfills all the things both Democrat and Republican deep pocket business donors want. And everything the GOP says it wants. And quite frankly everything most illegal immigrants want.


…is anything the Democrat Party wants, nor anything the various constituent Latino interest groups want. They want voters, or at least people who can present themselves to the right voting officers as legal voters. And they want people who will not be willing or allowed to meet that single criterion of “accepting the dominant economic culture, its traditions and its moralities.”

What they want is an immigration bill that is a continuation of the “plantation laws” that have cooped up America’s first immigrants, the blacks, on federal reservations, for fifty years now, and have served as a net drain to the national economy of approximately 21 trillion a dollars, and who have still been denied full integration into the American melting pot. Democrats want the growth of an immobile underclass that allows them to drain off 16% (now) of the national economy directly into their pockets as overseers and middle men. (You don’t think the poor see that money, do you?)

In the 1960s the blacks were no more aware of this feudal scheme than the emerging Latinos are today. And the Republicans have done a pitiful job of letting either group know.

The GOP’s Default Sell-Out Position

If the Democrat Party cannot gain this as part of an Immigration deal, they will not reach across the aisle and compromise with Republicans or even their own donor base. They won’t have to because they will be able to blame the Republicans for the bill’s failure. There will be no new legislation. This failure is totally within their power to bring about.

But they also know the Republican Party must have a deal, any deal, because, quite frankly, after years of cudgeling by the Democrats with lies, they’ve sort of halfheartedly started believing these claims of lack of compassion themselves.

Bot parties already know this. The Democrats know the Republicans must retreat to this default sell-out position and provide them with the very least they will accept. That is always a moving goal-post. But McConnell, Boehner and Cantor already know these position by heart, so will spend the greater part of their time trying to find ways to slip it by first, skeptical Members, and then second, the voters. negotiating with the Democrats will almost be an after-thought, although the media will portray this Kabuki dance at tense, filled with minefields. This is supposed to give the Republcans more face in defeat.)

For the challengers then:

There is much to do here. Important things. And all by keeping your focus on the simpler things.

If you follow closely to the in-front-of-the-mic explanations of the Republican establishment positions, you can pick out these false premises that they will have concede to the Democrats as easily as picking your teeth with a toothpick.

Look for them first to broadcast this in the language they will use to assert their positions before a vote, then watch how they will nuance those words after the vote to explain how their retreat, their sell-out, was really a victory instead of a defeat.

On camera, in front of a microphone this will be easy for them, for the 50%-70% rule (above) will apply (unless the Dems run a candidate from the right). But on stage, in front of a well-armed challenger, they shouldn’t be able to do as well.

This is why you need to get out there early and declare yourselves as Dave Brat has done.

(Oh, about these Republicans I don’t like very much, they’re all pretty decent people, in their own minds honest and upstanding. (Except in Delaware.) They just have their priorities a little juxtaposed. They are not like Democrats, except for McCain and a couple of others, who have their priorities lined up exactly as they want them. So be polite. Just get them out of office. )


6 responses to The GOP’s Default Sell-Out Position on Immigration, A Primer for Primary Challengers

  1. Eric Gurr March 18th, 2014 at 8:52 pm

    Came your blog to read the post on Article V and ended up here after browsing around a bit. I’m challenging John Boehner ( and immigration and amnesty are near the top of my list of issues.
    While an increase in population is not necessarily a bad thing it cannot be considered in a vacuum. We send millions of jobs to China and other nations. To suggest that we can then bring in millions more to take jobs that do not exist is a prescription for economic rot. Before we roll out the welcome mat we must get our house in order. And that means fixing the economy and getting on a path to high job creation.

    Also important in the discussion, as you touch on is the notion of assimilation. Historically we have ceased immigration for a period to allow the newly arrived immigrants to assimilate in to the economic and cultural fabric of the nation.

    Without this assimilation period the immigrants as you have pointed out remain foreigners in a new land. This is more disruptive in The United States than it is in other nations. France, Germany and other long established nations have a shared past, culture and history. The USA was never going to have that. we are still relatively knew and the entire Constitution was written around the rights of the individual. When we lose that core commonality it becomes even more important for an economic and cultural assimilation for newly arrived immigrants.

    Of course the trouble with the entire issue is that the Democrats just want the votes. They could care less about lowering the wages for big business and they could care less about the situation of any of these new arrivals. They want votes and they mean to get them. We’ve seen this in England post Thatcher and elsewhere by progressives in Europe. The pity is the GOP leadership by doing the bidding of multi-national corporations has once again lost an opportunity to reconnect with the middle and working class Americans it so desperately needs to win national elections.

    • bobmontgomery March 18th, 2014 at 9:25 pm

      You make sense. Vassar is probably otherwise engaged, but he’ll probably respond soon. In the meantime, thanks for introducing yourself, and sincere good wishes in your effort.

    • Lady_Penguin March 18th, 2014 at 9:39 pm

      Welcome. Nice to see someone challenging Boehner. Illegal immigration is just that – illegal. The idea that anyone would whitewash that individuals have entered and stayed in this country illegally is abhorrent to the legal residents of this country, citizen or otherwise. Giving Big Corporations “cheap” labor is wrong, not only does it hurt all Americans who are unemployed and want to work, it also encourages people to stay attached to the government plantation. The oft touted mantra of needing these people to do the work Americans won’t do is a false flag and misleading. If it wasn’t for the government created welfare state – people would seek jobs in order to survive. I’m a believer in the “don’t work, don’t eat,” and I’m not talking about the truly ill, disabled and elderly.

      You’re right, Democrats need these illegals to add to the voter rolls, the welfare line and general overall living on the government dole to keep their power and size going.

    • ColdWarrior March 18th, 2014 at 9:45 pm


      How many Republican Party precinct committeeman positions exist in the congressional district (and on each county or other district committee within the congressional district) and how many are filled? Are you asking your supporters to fill up the vacant precinct committeeman positions?

      Here’s a strategy you may want to consider for effectively getting out the vote for you in the primary. It’s a strategy that works, provided you have the bodies to carry it out:

      And here’s another I wrote before redistricting:

      I hope this helps.

      Thank you.


    • vassar bushmills March 19th, 2014 at 6:20 am

      Good luck with this. A tiny piece of advice. Most candidates in 75%-85% districts are one-and-done, never to be heard of again. Even if people like Boehner and Pelosi win, they are well aware that the people are turning against them if they see a 20% drop in their margin. They are like actors who always worry about the audience. As we saw in 2010, incumbents with large warchests tend to hold onto them rather than give to other candidates. Good primary candidates keeps a lot of money out even if they lose. And good ones show up again.

      Republicans in general tend to look and sound like suburban lawyers and accountants; stiff policy wonks. Loosen up, if that defines you. And spend more of your time making war on the Democrats than the GOP establishment. (The GOP establishment will make war on you, and you can turn that around.) Say the things about the Democrats, Obama and Obamacare people want to hear the GOP say about Democrats, but people like Boehner won’t. Curse, but don’t curse…”Lies and damned lies” (Mark Twain) one of my favorites. Democrats are a race of liars, so don’t be afraid to call them that. Develop a series of off-the-cuff one-liners. Reid. Obama. Obamacare. Make lying personal. Don’t worry about repercussions, since you can prove it. And find new and clever ways to call them names. . I don’t know the demos of your district (used to live in Covington) but go after segments Boehner is likely overlooking, the working class, regular folks. Christians, if you are one.

      Good luck.

    • LadyImpactOhio March 19th, 2014 at 10:47 am

      Hi Eric. Lady Impact Ohio again here. Ohio 5. A tad off topic but I see that “fake” Vassar and I and others are after to expose is giving money to your opponent J.D. Winteregg.

      If I was in 08 and didn’t know who to vote for it would automatically be for the opposite of whomever supports. After all they’ve supported Mc Connell, Cornyn and gave to the Dem price which they claim was an error but we know it really wasn’t.

      Yes good luck to you. I’ve know Vassar for about 4 years and his advice is always sound.

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