Al Qaeda Plants Their Flag In Fallujah; Democrats Fully Responsible For It.


The first time I heard the name Fallujah, our inspiring Marines were fighting and dying and winning in 2004. The politics of the lying Democrats who voted to send our men and women to war in the first place eventually stopped that push in its tracks. Like Vietnam, politics placed the death of soldiers ahead of winning a war, leaving all those who lost their lives to have died in vain. The surge that President Bush undertook ensured that we would not only take Fallujah, but all of Iraq. We did so, and yes it happened with loss of life for our soldiers, but our efforts were successful. Then came Barack Obama and his restricting policies, ie. “hamstringing” with tight “rules of engagement” which ensured that not only would there be greater loss of life, but ultimately, we would lose a war we had already won.

Many people include the word treasure (money) in speaking of losses of war, I do not – as it is the men and women who are the real treasure lost. Democrats are notorious for voting “for” a war before they begin to take actions against the war. They think it makes them look good when the bodies start piling up. But the body count grows because the Democrats only want to give halfhearted support, all the while sabotaging our military’s efforts behind the scenes. Deliberately hurting America’s military efforts is a betrayal against the country. My disgust with anyone calling themselves a Democrat has long since exceeded any type of “turning the other cheek.” If you think the Texas Hail Satan chant was a one off you would be highly mistaken, Democrats are as evil a group of people as the dictators they send our men and women to fight, handicapped by restrictive “rules of engagement,” while back in America they live in their mansions, and protest the war. Obama Success Story; Flag of Al Qaeda Flies Over Fallujah

A rejuvenated al-Qaeda-affiliated force asserted control over the western Iraqi city of Fallujah on Friday, raising its flag over government buildings and declaring an Islamic state in one of the most crucial areas that U.S. troops fought to pacify before withdrawing from Iraq two years ago.

The capture of Fallujah came amid an explosion of violence across the western desert province of Anbar in which local tribes, Iraqi security forces and al-Qaeda-affiliated militants have been fighting one another for days in a confusingly chaotic three-way war.

I would use quotes around success to indicate it wasn’t one but for Democrats, including Barack Hussein Obama, it is indeed a success. I don’t know what motivates Democrats other then pure raw power, but I do know they are antithetical to American values. What you see pushed in the State Run Media and from Hollywood is not what the majority of Americans are made up of in their core. The news of Al Qaeda taking over in Fallujah means that our (and those of our allies) fine men and women died for nothing. This, unfortunately, is what the Democrats dream of, America’s reduced presence and respect in the world. I would say they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams except, that again, a majority of We The People are here to continue the fight. We will not let those men and women’s deaths to have been in vain – we will win the day against the Hail Satan Party of Democrats, and restore America to her full greatness.

AQ or any formation thereof better recognize that America is not done with them. This man in the White House today is weak and pathetic, we are not. Congregate in one area it just makes it easier to destroy you and know this We. Will. Destroy. You.

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vassar bushmills
January 5, 2014 4:45 pm

Jaded, I’m told Obama came home early from Hawaii just to mobilize a million-man Twitter campaign to shame Al Qaida into quitting this warfare business and letting democracy be in Iraq. That’ll show those ragheads who’s boss.

vassar bushmills
January 5, 2014 4:45 pm

Great report by the way.

January 5, 2014 5:17 pm

This is a sad, sorry and disgusting state of affairs you reported on today. On the brighter side, I suppose every bit of it is still Bush’s fault, right? 😉