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We are all aware of the hard feelings shown by the Evolution Forever! crowd towards a new angle on an old theme – Intelligent Design, formerly “Creation”. In fact, scholars of various stripes are constantly being put in their place by not only other scientists but by administrative functionaries, politicians, atheists and entertainers of one sort or another.

A recent discovery using modern DNA analysis techniques suggests humans may have in fact “evolved” long before the evolutionary researchers thought they did. By a factor of a bunch.

Scientists have found the oldest DNA evidence yet of humans’ biological history. But instead of neatly clarifying human evolution, the finding is adding new mysteries.

In a paper in the journal Nature, scientists reported Wednesday that they had retrieved ancient human DNA from a fossil dating back about 400,000 years, shattering the previous record of 100,000 years.

Well isn’t this a revolutionary development! Instead of the science being “settled”, we now have “mysteries”. Of course the dig on the Intelligent Design proposition was that supposed presumption coming from the bible about the human race being only a few thousand years old, which didn’t hold water when measured against tangible evidence suggesting human progression over a factor of a hundred times greater than that. So going back even further with the discovery of our knuckle-dragging ancestors would seem to only bolster the evolutionist’s case.

The problem though, is that they were supposed to have this thing all locked down. And with such a major deviation from previously held norms, they might have to rethink other facets of their “science” in order to have neat assumptions remain …….neat.

The other problem, which was a problem even before this discovery, but didn’t get much discussion, is that they attributed the Creationists’ propositions to rigid principles of
faith and literal biblical interpretations. But even the most serious of religious scholars do not claim to understand with precise certainty every word of every page of biblical or other historical tracts. Most folks are still a little befuddled at the notion of Methusaleh being 900+ years old when he received his eternal reward.
dead sea scrolls
See, the concept is that if everything was perfectly known and understood, there would be no need for proclamation of faith. There would be no mysteries. People of faith have always believed in mysteries. It was the secular scientists, often atheists, who claimed to have a lock on everything.

And now the New York Times is saying that apparently there are still mysteries. Probably just a temporary jog in the road for the evolutionists. They will just go in and make some data corrections to their computer models, and do some altering to the time-lapse drawings of Man’s straightening up into the broad-shouldered, upright God he is today.

But we do get a kick out of these developments, much the same as we do when there aren’t a plethora of hurricanes like Al Gore said there would be because he declared the science of global warming is….well, you know ….settled.

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