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Susan Rice Channels Nancy Pelosi. And She Has Help.

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It’s almost trite these days to say we’re in Alice In Wonderland territory when relating anything having to do with the federal government. The discourse surrounding Barack Obama’s signature policy accomplishment – National Health Care – is a painful case in point.

But at least as equal in it’s jaw-dropping insanity is the Obama Administration’s pursuit of foreign policy. Look, we who frequent these pages know that at best it is, not only as promoted by Obama but as practiced by his…….an ‘America last’ policy. But the sheer….stupidity, moronic condescension, evil simplistic dismissiveness – you pick the adjective- of the things that come out of the mouths of supposedly bright, educated people   is just, well, in the final analysis, depressing.

National Security Adviser Susan Rice said that Israeli opposition to the Iran deal was due to Israeli ignorance: “it’s not done, so by definition, it’s premature to judge it because the outlines have yet to be finalized.”

Emphases mine.

Forget Biden. Forget Kerry. Those guys are boobs, clowns, caricatures and creatures of nonsensical political arrangements. Even forget for a moment, if you will, Susan Rice’s blathering on national television about the Benghazi incident sprouting out of an obscure video production emanating out of a ghost town somewhere in California. We are told she said what she was told to say. Forget even the utter in-your-face, stubborn nihilistic pleasure Obama got out of naming her as the National Security Advisor following her stint at the UN. For anyone at the top echelon to make a stupid, insane crazy remark about “Israeli ignorance” should have, and would have in saner times, resulted in an immediate firestorm in the Congress and in the Media and coordinated, purposeful demands for her resignation.

But she had to go the next unfathomable step and say that the deal wasn’t done and somehow illogically put in there that “the outlines have yet to be finalized.”   In other words, we don’t know what’s in it, or something, until we wait and see if the Iranians dismantle their nuclear bomb platforms? 

Uh, no Susan, you brainless twit, the outlines are what comes first, before the deal is done, and the outlines were known to not only the Israelis, but the entire literate world.  We read them in all the papers and saw them on all the TV channels and it was all over the internetz. The Israelis were supposed to keep their mouths shut until it was a done deal?  Really???  What’s next? The Israelis are supposed to keep their mouths shut until the missiles are on their way from Tehran?  Come to think of it, throw Rice in there with Biden and Kerry.

eye-a tolya catmeini

*                                                         *The Eye-ya-Tolya Catmeini*


And now proceeding to Rice’s successor at the United Nations, the peace-loving Samantha Power. On the same subject, Iran and it’s pursuit of nuclear …..power…..Samantha had this to say:

The U.S. and its partners came close to a deal with Iran last week, and talks resume next week. United Nations ambassador Samantha Power is heavily involved in those negotiations and said on “CBS This Morning” that the U.S. has to “test the regime.”

“There’s so much mistrust, of course, that we bring to these negotiations after generations of suspicion and that cuts both ways,” she said. “With the temporary, modest, reversible, limited relief that we’re promising here, in return, we freeze the program, they dilute some of the highly-enriched uranium, and we get a much more aggressive inspection verification regime.”


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That’s right. Samantha says we have to “test the regime” to…..find out what’s in it. Apparently, since neither we nor the Israelis have intelligence agencies, and the Israelis are “ignorant”, according to Susan Rice, and the US doesn’t have spy satellites, drones, eavesdropping equipment, radiation- detecting equipment and a 35-year history with Iran, apparently since, as mentioned above, the entire literate world hasn’t been reading about Iran’s pursuit and it’s hiding and camouflaging of it’s programs for a good part of that 35 years, we can all just get off the case and let the best and the brightest, as represented by the twin twits Rice and Power, handle it.

Could we get some adults in here please? Could we get some sober people in here who are not on drugs and are not trying to demilitarize and unguard the United States of America and the entire free world to satisfy their insane leftwing vision of an ultimate Socialist global ascendancy?

Don’t even let us get started on the Queen of All Of Our Fiercely Bleeding Hearts:

queen of hearts

screeching Hillary









See, a great big segment of us have already endured a few decades of the threat of Mutual Assured Destruction beginning in the late 50’s and lasting until Ronald Reagan saved the planet ca. 1985. We’re just not up for that again. And if by that you think we right-wing zealots mean the Second Week of August, 1945 revisited, this time over  Qom and Tehran, or pick your city, then, yes, that needs to be on the table.

Or perhaps since we’re all mad as hatters on this side of the pond, the “ignorant Israelis” will take care of business for us.




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