We Need Us Some Federal Incentives. Yeah! That’s It!

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We hate to pick on Henry Payne. We like Henry Payne and he is not the problem, just a symptom of the problem. Henry says the GOP has to have a plan for nationalizing health care. A better one than Obama, he says, but a plan nevertheless. (No, he doesn’t actually say “nationalizing health care”, but how

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far it misses the mark is not the point.)

But in crisis there is opportunity, and Obamacare’s pain has created a Republican opening for a workable alternative that actually addresses the twin problems of high costs and the uninsured. Despite a conservative consensus on free-market health care reform, Republican leadership has so far been content to point out the ACA’s flaws. But if America is to be rescued from Obamacare’s botched, centrally-planned surgery, Republicans must pivot to a positive solution

Payne’s request that the GOP have a solution to the health care or any of a number of social problems of ordinary Americans, whether working or unemployed, middle class , lower class or classless, is not a lonely voice in the wilderness. There is a veritable chorus of Establishment Republicans echoing his call for the GOP to be better architects and engineers of “solutions.” We won’t even mention Ronald Reagan at this juncture, but …..Ronald Reagan had an answer for all the wannabe Democrats pretending to be elephants – Get Out Of The Way……… Oops.

If you are a Progressive, you are inclined that directed change, not only in methodology but in agreements concerning liberty, security and individual choice and self-interest, is inevitable and also desirable. The inevitable final result of all that is of course something quite gray, depressing and meaningless, as History has shown over and over. But that escapes Progressives on both sides of the aisle. Or maybe it doesn’t. At any rate, it seems to be vogue that the Soviet model can be improved on because we are Americans, after all. Go figure.

The ironic thing about the Paynes, and the Mitch McConnells and the Republican National Committee honchos is that in the face of Obamacare melting down, not because of a faulty website but because of a faulty premise that the federal government can be successful at, or has any business investing itself in, regulating health care OR health care insurance, in the face of what is known about the outcomes not only in Third World socialist regimes but also traditional Western States like Canada and the UK, they cling to the notion that Washington, DC can keep people from getting sick and dying. You are on a fool’s errand, Beltway Boys.

Payne points to the “twin problems” of high cost and the uninsured. Well, the rollout of Obamacare has given us some preliminary data on the cost of health care reform dedicated to “protecting patients and affordability”. When the insurance companies found out that the federal government was going to mandate everybody be insured, did they lower their rates? When the insurance companies found out they had to insure against sickness after someone was already sick, did they lower their rates?
When the insurance companies found out the government was going to issue subsidies for insurance coverage to qualified applicants,
did the insurance companies lower their rates?

The brilliant people now wanting their turn at bat incredibly are still using terms like “exchanges”. Good grief. Tens of millions of people are scared out of their wits as we speak, and the R’s are saying “Trust us to do a better job with your health than the Democrats.”

On “the uninsured”, well, uh, guys, not to be REDUNDANT” or anything, but there is this thing called Medicaid. Could we just stop with the “PROGRAMS” for a while?

[We will revisit ‘redundancy’ at a later date.]

Yes, federal incentives gonna save us all. And of course “experts.”

The Galen Institute’s Grace Marie-Turner, a health care expert who recently met with GOP leadership on health reform, says the GOP plans share three basic elements:

– Federal dollars to incentivize states to create high-risk pools/exchanges for individuals with pre-existing conditions (Utah already had implemented a state exchange for small business and scholars like Shikha Dalmia at Reason have advocated deregulating Obamacare’s exchanges to include Medicaid and Medicare recipients).

– Extending employer-based tax credits to individuals so that health tax benefits follow the individual, not the job (most uninsured are between jobs).

– Allow states to create interstate insurance pools, broadening the individual and small business marketplace.

Yup – pump some federal dollars in, with accompanying mandates. Maybe let the Secretary of HHS write the regulations. Wow. That would be unheard of, wouldn’t it? (The blurb about “deregulating Obamacare exchanges to include Medicare and Medicaid recipients ” just leaves us staring off vacantly into the distance.)

Then complicate the tax code with health tax benefits, instead of just lowering the tax rates for everybody and let them spend their money on health insurance or beer, according to their tastes. Oh, God no, that wouldn’t do because there’s this problem that has to be solved, even if tens of millions of people don’t think they have a problem. “Madame Hillary, your presence is once again requested at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It actually does take a village after all. In fact, it takes a commune.”

And finally, allow states to do something or other, say the illuminati. Yes allow them. Because right now, states are apparently not allowed to do things because we don’t have a Tenth Amendment, or something. Here’s a tip: In the matter of carry permits for personal firearms, states didn’t wait to be allowed to enter into agreements with each other on something called reciprocity. They just did it. Some DC-ites want Congress to pass a law saying there should be national reciprocity. Actually, the 2nd Amendment suffices, but getting the Feds involved is a …..national pastime, it seems. There is a lot in the States’ handling of their own affairs regarding the 2nd Amendment and thus preserving the integrity of the Constitution that would be instructive to DC-ites wanting to implement policy in a whole host of areas. The command “Cease and desist, Washington” leaps to mind.

So Henry, et al, much as we love ya, our man Mario Loyola, in our humble opinion, has a better take on the necessary measures for keeping Ben Franklin’s Republic and rejecting the dictatorship of the NationState:

Every state should pass a law making it illegal for any state or local official to cooperate with a federal program unless specifically authorized in state statute. This way, the people would know when their state officials were merely serving as deputies of the federal government instead of doing their jobs as officials of the state. Such “noncompliance” bills would go far in restoring the crucial separation of state and federal functions that the Constitution intended.

Translation: Just say “NO!”


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