Juan Williams makes Clintonian ‘blue dress’-defense of Obamacare

Posted by on November 1, 2013 11:04 am
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Valerie Jarrett, Jay Carney and Kathleen Sebelius had already launched the demonization of insurance companies to defend President Obama for his lying guarantee that Americans could keep doctors and insurance policies they liked.

blue dress obama

Now comes the blue-dress-as-old-news equivalence.

Of course, ongoing month-long problems with the HealthCare.gov website that haven’t been solved remains “news” and we suspect that the faithful Episcopalian on Bret Baier’s Special Report Panel would agree, if pressed, that the Holy Bible is as current as this morning’s news deemed fit to print by the New York Times. But when former FBI agent and reigning chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Mike Rogers (R-MI) accuses HHS of putting the private information of Americans at risk by failing to properly test security measures in the troubled Obamacare website, “new-news” is truly being made.

But the wagons are being circled by the Mob known as the Democratic Party, including its media apologists:

REP. MIKE ROGERS, R – MI, HOUSE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN: You allowed the system to go forward with no encryption on back-up systems. They had no encryption on certain boundary crossings. You accepted a risk on behalf of every user of this computer that put their personal financial information at risk because you did not even have the most basic end-to-end test on security of this system. Amazon would never do this. Pro-flowers would never do this. Kayak would never do this. This is completely an unacceptable level of security…

JUAN WILLIAMS, SENIOR EDITOR, THE HILL: I thought today was pure theater. I thought it was a big stage show with Republicans attacking Sebelius. Meanwhile, Democrats trying to rescue their partner in the ring by giving her resets and launching into speeches of their own in defense of ObamaCare. I think even Mike Rogers in that presentation, and I think the world of Mike Rogers, former FBI agent and the like, doing a great job as Intelligence Committee chair, all of this is in the weeds. What do I care about how things are put into computers? Who is to blame, who is not to blame? Look, the big —

BAIER: The security of a major site —

WILLIAMS: First of all, there’s no issue here about security at the moment. Zero. Nobody is saying, oh, yeah, they have now gained access to people’s Social Security numbers or private information. That information is not necessary to sign up…

BAIER: You’re getting fired up here. I’m asking, do you think the website should have rolled out October 1st?

WILLIAMS: Well, obviously it didn’t work, but we know that. Here we are, I forget the exact date today, but I guess we’re October 28th or so.

BAIER: It’s the 30th.

WILLIAMS: Yeah, we know what happened. Yet, the Republicans continue to hammer. It makes you just want to grab, you know, on to something and say, wow, what is all this bloviating?…

KRAUTHAMMER: A little human sympathy. And Juan, it’s the 30th, you’re two days late and it shows.

WILLIAMS: We’re way past October 1st, and the fact you guys are still jumping on this and acting like there’s news here, I don’t know.

For those who don’t remember, in the James Carville-Paul ‘The Forehead’ Begala-Dick Morris Era of Slick Willie aka Clinton Administration, once “mistakes” were admitted, no matter how egregious, they were “old news” 48 hours later and any journalist that dared re-visit the “mistake” was out of bounds.

Yes, President Barack Obama lied, and even if its not “just about sex”, he is a Democrat and thus obviously cares about the newly uninsured whose policies are being cancelled. And yes, the Obamacare website is an unmitigated disaster that leaves all that visit vulnerable to identity theft. But its been 48 minutes since Secretary Sebelius admitted it and besides, the NSA knows who Rep. Rogers emailed 24 minutes ago, so why worry.

Obamacare will not “fall of its own weight”. Enough Republicans will have to be elected to maintain control of the House and replace enough Democrats to control the Senate after the Election of 2014; and win the White House and maintain control of both houses of Congress after the Election of 2016 to have any chance of ridding We the People of the scourge of Obama’s blue Obamacare dress.

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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