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If you haven’t read the latest article by Stanley Kurtz, it is well worth it.  Kurtz writes an extremely cogent and observant piece on how the Leftist/Statists have reduced the Me- Gens, X-Gens. Y-Gens and all the rest the last several decades to hapless, helpless, yet somehow egotistically self-relevant individuals dancing to the tune of the Socialist Pied Pipers.

He speaks to their self-assumed victimhood brought on in the supposed pursuit of saving the world, saving the environment, saving the underprivileged and all that good stuff.  And he gets right to the meat of what has brought us to this point in America:

Not only have the ideologically driven “studies” programs taken over a large share of the college curriculum, but many courses in conventional departments reflect the underlying assumptions of the various minority-studies concentrations. Today, classic liberal-arts courses have themselves been turned into tiny besieged islands, while the study of alleged oppression represents the leading approach at America’s colleges and universities.  (emph. mine)

In this atmosphere, students cannot help wishing to see themselves as members of a persecuted group. Climate activism answers their existential challenges and gives them a sense of crusading purpose in a lonely secular world. The planet, as Bruckner would have it, is the new proletariat. Yet substitute “upper-middle-class” for “planet,” and the progression of victimhood is explained. Global warming allows the upper-middle-class to join the proletariat, cloaking erstwhile oppressors in the mantle of righteous victimhood.


As bad as all that is, for the future of American exceptionalism and all  the other things Americana we hold so dear, there is something worse than college students being led down the primrose path. It is elementary school students becoming the “victims” of Common Core. (You who visit these pages often know what Common Core is supposed to be. You who don’t can look it up.) There are many groups and individual citizens and parents across the country pushing back against the Common Core regimens being foisted upon their school districts. They need all the help they can get. So Stanley, if you’re listening, come down from your Ivory Tower for a moment and help these people out.

Here is an example of the mind/thought/activity control and reductio ad socialist absurdum the purveyors of Common Core are trying to impress on the teachers of the nation’s children.  From Missouri Education Watchdog’s excellent report on the convention to be held in St. Louis:

Project Soapbox: Empowering Students to Speak Up for Social Change

Fri, 11/22/2013 – 10:05am – 11:00am    127

In this interactive workshop, participants will explore strategies to empower students to identify and speak out on issues they care about as a first step toward creating sustainable policy change.

719 Gateway to Diplomacy: Middle School Model UN, Building Negotiation and Compromise!

Learn the benefits of implementing Model UN and including Common Core curriculum in your school for the purpose of debate, resolution writing, and interpersonal skills in a cooperative learning environment

PreK-ElementarySocial Sciences

This session focuses on the benefits of literature that helps children rethink gender stereotypes. Picture books and instructional strategies are discussed that present multiple masculinities and gender non-conforming characters.

409 Common Core Literacy and Inquiry Strategies to Investigate Climate Change

This workshop helps teachers scaffold core literacy strategies tied to the Common Core Standards to deeply engage their students with the topic of climate change.
Children’s Literature: Using UDHR as a Framework for Developing Elementary Social Justice Lessons

Fri, 11/22/2013 – 2:10pm – 3:05pm Room: 264

Civics & Government, PreK-Elementary

This session addresses social justice and political rights and opportunities using the Universal Declaration of Human Rights framework. Identification of problems and remedies using children’s literature and collaborations are presented.

Please read the article linked to above. There is much more. Isn’t this Common Core thing going to come in so handy for ……..somebody?

kiddie protesters

But if you thought the molding and shaping and directing and provoking so well accomplished in higher ed and now being formulated and promulgated at the elementary and secondary level (and preK and K as evidenced above) were the absolute pits, hold on to your hat, Stanley.

Did you know that the waste of taxpayer money and time and energy of what could otherwise be productive New Age teachers and babysitters  known as the Head Start Program is now accepting …….infants? Yes, indeed, there is no such thing as too soon when it comes to taking children out of the care of the ones who love them  and placing them under the tutelage of tutors so the State can adopt them for it’s purposes on down the road. How well infants adapt to the Head Start curriculum, which it is assumed will be aligned to the Common Core standards is anybody’s guess.

Is that it then?  No, Stanley, it gets worse.  They want them even before they emerge from the womb.  Once more from Missouri Education Watchdog:

He explained their thoughts on data collection as an “investment” in students. What should jump out at you is that P clearly does not stand for Pre-K, it stands for “Prenatal.”

In other words, dear readers, they cannot take the chance that any physical or emotional attachments or combination of genes and chromosomes and whatever else makes descendant humans individual humans gets in the way of this grand “educational continuum” they want to impose on the masses. And that continuum, oddly for a Progressive movement that thinks that life doesn’t begin until birth, and in some cases quite a bit after emergence, must start with the conditioning of the pregnant mother.

We should be thinking about education from the time that a woman is pregnant, prenatal; what their nutrition looks like, what their exercise looks like, what education we can provide  around the earliest levels to help them [the child] be more successful as they move forward so we can ensure that the child arrives at  kindergarten ready to learn.”


On a totally unrelated subject, did you know that medical science now has the capability to intervene in the unborn fetus to……correct defects? The compassionate among us would argue that that is a very good thing, and it most certainly is if it means saving a child the torment of growing up physically disabled, or enables that child to mentally and emotionally enjoy what it means to be a happy, individual human being with a healthy mind …..of it’s own.


Stanley, your work is not finished. The good folk fighting the good fight for time-tested learning, humanity and individualism all across the country could use some friends in high places.


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