They Shoot Mentally Ill People, Don’t They?

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miriam carey


Miriam Carey is dead.  An unarmed black woman gunned down by DC Police,  Secret Service Agents and Capitol police.  Not only was she unarmed, she had her one-year-old baby with her in her car.  Police and news reports claimed she tried to ram the barricades at the White House.  Strangely, photos and videos at the scene show no damage to the front end of her car. They only show at least five police officers with weapons drawn within 5-6 feet of her head In fact, photos taken at  the conclusion of the chase down Pennsylvania Avenue still show no damage to her car, except for the shot out backseat and rear windows where the bullets entered the vehicle to put to rest Miriam’s mental anguish.

miriam careys car

The authorities all say the on-scene officers acted correctly.  They say even though she was unarmed they had to stop the woman because her vehicle might have been packed with explosives, and the only way to stop her, apparently, was to shoot her.  So here is a tip if you’re ever visiting DC in your personal vehicle and have an accident or lose control near the White House or Capitol – make peace with your Maker.  It will be assumed that either A.  Your vehicle is packed with explosives or B. You are mentally ill.  In either case, you will have to die.

As for Miriam, though she wasn’t wearing a hoodie at the time of the incident, her family still questions why she was slain.  So far, Al Sharpton has not vowed to protest and seek justice for Miriam, and there have not been cries of “racism” from the usual suspects.  All of the publicity is that the ones who did the killing were merely looking out for the neighborhood.  They claim an officer was assaulted by Miriam’s car, but won’t show us photos of the officer’s injuries.  No radio transmissions or cell phone recordings have been released to pinpoint when and from whom the shoot-to-kill orders were given.  No conversations between Miriam and the officers has been reported to date.

To this point, no one has claimed that Miriam said somebody was going to die; neither did the officers claim that Miriam was reaching for their weapons as she maneuvered her car to get away from the White Males who were pointing guns at her.

They say she rammed barricades and police officers  and she was mentally ill.  The authorities and the news media keep pointing out over and over and over again that she was mentally ill.

So she had to be put down.


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5 responses to They Shoot Mentally Ill People, Don’t They?

  1. Larry Eastbay October 6th, 2013 at 10:55 am

    My first reaction when I heard that her relatives were claiming she was gunned down without cause was, “Oh boy! Here we go again (Trayvon)”. But there are some interesting anomalies between the official statements and the news pictures.

  2. vassar bushmills October 8th, 2013 at 6:21 am

    Some new developments here, Bob. Seems there’s growing evidence the girl was shot outside the car, which means “no excuse”. Geo Zimmerman’s lawyer may get involved, (irony of ironies) but what should the responsible atty do, make a big public case (and with a minimum-medium settlement) or quietly shake the city down for millions? If it was bad kill the City already knows it and will pay dearly to keep that knowledge close. Now it gets interesting.

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