Suffer The Little Children

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By now most of you have read or heard about the schoolboy out East who was suspended for the offense of bringing a 2-inch keychain fob fashioned in the shape of a derringer.  If you perused the details, you found that the policy at that particular school was that students are not to bring firearms or firearm “replicas” to school.  If you are intelligent and sane you know that a keychain fob is neither a firearm nor a replica firearm – it is an ornament, a piece of jewelry.

But even if there was some mistaken notion of danger involved, or question about whether the object represented a threat or an actual violation of policy, once it became clear that it was not, which should have been in short order, a simple “Don’t bring stuff like that to school, okay Johnny?” would have sufficed.  But no, the enforcers of inane “zero tolerance” agendas had to show how tough they were on ……children.

All right.  That case and the age of the student in question – 12 – is bad enough.  But you have probably become aware of many more instances across the country even worse, such as little five-and-six-year-olds being expelled, and in at least one case in Florida in which we personally corresponded with the local police department there, where law enforcement was called in because a child had  the audacity to draw a picture of a gun on a piece of paper, There was even a case where a child extended  his index finger in a ‘menacing’ manner as if he/she were pointing a weapon.  And yes, in case you’re wondering, the police officials we refer to were just as religiously ridiculous in their explanation of their actions as the school officials were.

In our community of normal people we are dismissive and derisive of these incidences of bureaucratic totalitarian activity, making outlaws out of innocent children when they are not.  But what we do not often do is press the issue in regards its long-term effect on children.  Not only the children directly involved, mind you, but the children around them, their friends, classmates, siblings.  For just as we are outraged that such schemes as the Common Core “State Standards” (in quote marks because they are “state standards” in name only.  They are actually indoctrination tools propagated by Statist ideologues.) are being used to produce mind-numbed, thought-controlled automatons, so should we be outraged that school authorities, sometimes in conjunction with the legal system, are stigmatizing the little ones with a brand of Cain when they most often have no idea why this is happening to them, and if they don’t, their peers must be even more clueless.

This is vile.  It is ridiculous in the extreme when such innocent expressions or exhibitions or personal possessions are prosecuted by these self-appointed social policemen in our public schools, but it is abominable when whatever written rules of conduct there may be are bastardized, perverted and misused by those we hire to teach our children how to read and write.

It would be reprehensible for something like this to be done to an adult, but to do it to defenseless children is……what’s the word?  Criminal?  Yes.  That’s the word – criminal.  And that is exactly the approach that should be taken by parents out there, parents of the abused children (yes, you read that right – abused.  Are you beginning to get the picture?) and parents of their friends, classmates, and playmates.

For what is taking place is that a  whole culture, a whole generation of children is now being stifled of normal, wholesome, innocent manners of expression, indeed even childhood play and recreation, because they at this point do not know what is expected of them or what they will be accused of.  The boy from Rhode Island did NOT bring a gun to school, but he was expelled anyway.  So it can’t be about guns.  It must be something about  approximating a gun, or depicting or representing a gun.  Or something.  Or about some mysterious thought process of these educational tyrants in the matter of  possessing a keychain fob that students cannot possibly fathom, nor can we.  What is it?  The kids can’t know because it’s unknowable.  It is pure arbitrary authoritarian example-making, with no definition except the one made up on the spot by the teacher/administrator/behavioral specialist. (Yes, that part of the Rhode Island story is baffling as well).

It is, in short, mental and emotional torture, because the affected children cannot know what might come next, so they must live in fear.  And that, fellow patriots, is a classic bleeding heart liberal definition of abuse.  And so we say this heartless persecution   must be turned around and used on them, the Leftist/Statist protagonists of all this nonsensical anti-gun folly sweeping the country.  First, as a matter of finding a statute, state or local, and a prosecutor or other official sympathetic to the cause and agreeable to putting the bastards in jail for cruelty to children.  Absent that, civil litigation should be the order of the day.  The culprit(s) should be sued.  By name and as individuals, alongside the institutions they represent.

In fact, what is really needed is for one of these current cases to be picked up by an advocacy group representing the abused child and others as a class action lawsuit to make a reverse example.  The example being that it is not within the purview of professional educators to create criminals out of innocent schoolchildren, but if they insist on doing so, they  will be the ones branded and publicly humiliated.  By name.  These people must be named.  The public must know the names of the people who are doing this, not just their titles or the fact that they are administrators, or school board members propping up the perpetrators.  Everyone guilty  by association or by condoning these travesties must be held personally accountable.  Including the police who are supposed to protect the public from REAL criminals.

You know why?  Well, besides the abomination of the professional educator class assuming for itself the responsibility of childhood development for which it has no justification or sanction, in concert with New Age social activists who have insinuated themselves into local school boards and local governments, it’s also because the Statist agendaites and their useful idiots are the ones who are creating the pathological, socially deviant,  behavioral incompetents out there like the Columbine killers, the Aurora shooter, the Jared Loughners, the Adam Lanzas and all the rest.  They are abusing the nation’s children and they must be stopped, because they are creating monsters.

This just in:

The mother of an 8-year-old Central Florida boy is fighting back after her son was suspended from school for using his finger as a play gun.

Bonnie Bennett said her son, Jordan, was suspended Friday at Harmony Community School in Osceola County after playing cops and robbers with another student.

“There was nothing in his hand.  He used his thumb and index finger,” said Bennett. “It was a game.  He made no threatening advances or threats to harm anyone. No words were said.”

Bennett said she would have been satisfied with some form of punishment but is worried now that since he’s been suspended, her son will be seen as a violent child.

“They took a child that has never been in trouble before and went to the extreme,” said Bennett. “A child that has no history of violence is now classified as a violent offender.”


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  1. Lady_Penguin October 1st, 2013 at 3:08 pm

    But still they do nothing about the violent, vile video games that children are encouraged to spend hours with. Instead, the left thinks they can remake human nature. The public schools are a cesspool of worthlessness…it’s all about thought police and destroying boys in our society. The radical feminists really hate men…

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