Ha Ha Ha! Boehner’s Got ’em Right Where He Wants ’em Now, Boy!

Posted by on September 11, 2013 10:24 pm
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Oh, what a fox!  This legislative maneuvering is really a thing to behold, isn’t it?  Why, probably, with all the crafty legislative ploys going on, the Republicans might  hold on to the House by the skin of their teeth and pick up a Senate seat!  Won’t it be grand?

The rule for the bill will require the House clerk to send the defunding portion of the bill to the Senate, but hold onto the CR portion of the bill until the Senate votes on defunding.

Huh.  So you can just chop up bills and send them to the Senate piecemeal?  Who knew?  So the House members get to go on record as defunding O’care and then, in the very next breath, vote to keep the whole shootin’ match funded, including Obamanable Care.  We haven’t seen that much integrity since the last war John Kerry was for before he was against.

Next up will be a crafty deal to keep the Defense Department sequestered in exchange for Obama getting a whole slew of new Federal judges appointed.  Whoa!  The fancy footwork on the part of our guys is just dazzling!  Can’t wait till the lame duck session and the winter recess and a whole bunch more recess appointments and executive orders.  Good the DOJ wasn’t sequestered so Holder can sue a whole bunch more states for voter intimidation next year.
What was that fellow’s name?  Brian….Brian….oh, yeah, Brian Terry.  That was a tragedy, wasn’t it?  Yeah.  Can’t remember the details.  Got shot with his own weapon or something.  Or maybe it was a suicide.  Anyway, good thing we’ve still got Holder. And Gun Control advocates in at BATF.  And another La Raza Hispanic leftist at DOL.  And another butch hair cut in the cabinet at EPA.
Benghazi?  Syria?  Don’t worry – Samantha Power is on board to save all humanity, with old hand Susan Rice there to provide all the intel she needs.
Heckuva job, Boehner, McConnell.  Maybe Vlad Putin will think of a way to save your sorry hides.
Sinking United States


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