“You Mean…We Could Have Saved The Country? Who Knew??”


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We haven’t contracted the services of a behavioral analysis consultant lately, but we’re sure one or two could be had on the open market for something in the neighborhood of what the Republican Party could afford. When it came to stopping Barack Obama’s domestic agenda, and letting the behavioral and psychological sciences inform counter strategy, if they really wanted to pursue a counter-strategy, it would have been worth it at any cost.

Character is character, resolve is resolve and intent is intent.  You don’t really need a behavioral consultant if you are awake and alert and are in possession of those three attributes yourself.  Our adversaries, and many of our allies, in the foreign policy/conflict resolution/global economy arena have been awake and alert enough since Barack Obama presented himself to the world  some six years ago and began making non-sequitur -laden, gaffe-ridden, historically confused policy speeches, not to mention official acts and statements to the bewilderment of the entire international audience.  You could see it in the reactions of foreign dignitaries and other officials whom Obama either bowed and kowtowed to or snubbed, or stumbled around like a drunken community organizer at recognized official events and protocols.  What Obama did to Netanyahu on Bibi’s visit to the White House that time had to have set the caliphate-seekers howling with laughter. The images of foreign princes looking down in astonishment at the top of Obama’s head as he bowed to them, or the “who is this clown?” sidelong glance Queen Elizabeth gave him as the buffoon tried to offer a toast during the British National Anthem are just starters.

Obama bows

Building on those starters, it didn’t take much deduction on the part of foreign observers that Obama was in way over his head,  incapable of thinking on his feet, and obviously surrounded by a bunch of dilettantes incapable or unwilling to keep him from hurting himself.

The chickens, as the Sage of the Southside, Jeremiah Wright once observed, have come home to roost as the dictators, mullahs and terrorists in the Middle East and elsewhere now laugh openly as Obama lamely fumbles, punts and scores points for America’s opponents in that arena, and in geopolitics in general.

It is a shame for the world, not just the 400 or 1400 Syrians, whatever the number, whoever the perpetrator and whatever the calculations behind the gassing of the innocents in the Damascus suburbs recently.  But in addition to that, it is perhaps the final screaming, blazing brilliant red flag to be noted by any on the right side of the equation in American politics and governance that this guy is, and always has been, a paper tiger not only in national security issues, but in domestic rhetoric and governmental activity in general.

He could have been put in his place long ago by simply standing up to him, by laughing at him and telling him we’re not having any of this, and by refusing to smoke the peace pipe, extend the olive branch, consult and ‘reach across the aisle’.  Instead, long after it became clear to the most casual observer that Obama didn’t give a rat’s behind about ANY constituent group, foreign or domestic, but was an inept “community organizer” who attained Peter Principle status back when he was elected to the Illinois Senate, our Republican Establishment friends continue to fund Obama’s government and all its corrupt departments, continue to vote to degrade the US military that perhaps is about to encounter some real deals in the Mideast if our commanders aren’t careful, continue to confirm Statist, Progressive, Socialist, America-blasters to high government positions and continue to abdicate in the oversight of those same executive branch departments.

It didn’t have to be this way; it didn’t have to get this bad.  Especially after the mandate given to the Congress, and by extension the Republican Establishment, in the 2010 election cycle.  The Right was almost delirious in it’s joy that their reversal of fortune to the plus side was so historic as to DEMAND that the course toward rescuing America from it’s long, slow (now fast) decline, be rigorously and righteously pursued.  And then of course the re-election campaign cycle began and deeds dissolved into words, and tears.

boehner crying

How bad is it?  It’s so bad that now it’s not just Obama but the once-and-famous Right Side of the Aisle appearing inept, unable to formulate strategy, take advantage of flaws and insist that the country be protected from enemies both foreign and domestic.  We saw it in the Snowden case where our legislators couldn’t decide not only whether the fellow was a whistleblower or a traitor, but more fundamentally what the significance was of the dark secrets he unveiled.

And now we are seeing the same fracture as you have Republicans everywhere divided over attacking Syria, attacking Assad, blowing up chemical weapons depots, standing off or just plain standing down. Even if Obama ultimately pulls some stunt over there in some face-saving gesture, everyone knows that it’s too little, too late in the matter of protecting innocents, and for darned sure in protecting the interests of America and her allies.

The folly and the farce that is the Obama Presidency continues into this latest international crisis as we learn that, after having met with his National Security team on Friday, Obama had a late-evening, 45-minute tete’-a-tete’ with his White House Chief of Staff and that’s when he decided to call off his military (Yes he was caught on tape the other day at a press opportunity referring to ‘my military‘).

The significance of the Commander-in-chief executing an about-face after consulting his Chief of Staff – not his military or intelligence or State Department chiefs of staff, but his White House, day-to-day mundane operations chief of staff – will not be lost on the foreign observers. (Yes, McDonough was a former National Security advisor to the president, but he is also a former senior fellow at the Center for American Progress. Who do YOU think is calling the shots on American foreign policy?) It will just be further confirmation that Obama is not in command and control of things.  But if you were an American patriot, perhaps a Republican official or an investigative reporter, wouldn’t you be curious to know who it was that Denis McDonough was in contact with on that fateful Friday, or during the whole Mideast crisis of late?  And wasn’t it just remarkably convenient that at this crucial moment in history a friendly court was found to issue a ruling that Obama does NOT, repeat NOT have to make publicly available the much sought after White House visitor logs? (Yes, the ruling is part of a continuing battle with Judicial Watch, but don’t look for anybody in the Congressional leadership to give a second thought to how policy is formulated in the Obama administration.  Remember they berated the Louie Gohmert Five over the Huma Abedin, ‘none of your business, Congress’ scandal.) The contents of Obama’s Blackberry, or McDonough’s?  Forget about it.

Inquiring minds want to know.  Unfortunately, the number of inquiring minds on this and a whole host of policy formulations, foreign and domestic, is apparently quite small in the United States Congress.  To this day, nobody knows who wrote the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the Stimulus Bill, and the vast majority of the Executive orders, and policy directives that magically appeared in the middle of the night or late on Friday evenings all through the first Obama term and now into the second.

Is it too late to stop the Fundamental Transformation?  Probably.  Some who see things the way they are and are headed are pretty sure it is.    Their remedies are long-term.  For our part we are hopeful that true leadership will emerge while, as we hope, Obama is eaten up and spit out by his own in the remaining three years of his presidency by the Richard Trumkas and the Cornel Wests out there, even if those unionistas and commies are surreptitious Bill and Hillary operatives.  The fierce urgency of now is now as pandemonium looms not only in the Middle East but on the domestic scene with Obamacare about to throw the US economy into a tailspin of epic proportions, agitated further by rising oil prices putting the pinch on Moms and Pops and the Everyday Housewife.  Just wait until the Suez Canal and the Strait of Hormuz are closed for business, while the fully-funded EPA and the State Department Office of Delaying the Keystone Pipeline hum merrily along.

Those who see, hear and speak of the obvious evils and faults, and are willing to take personal risk and lay political capital on the line to challenge them, are the ones we are looking for.  Some people who are not America-deniers, if you know what we mean.  Some people with a generous helping of common sense and at least a  modicum of character and the wisdom of experience and observation.  Maybe they can still save the country.  Know anybody like that?






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Poor. No advanced degrees. Unorganized. Feeble. Disjointed. Random. Past it. .... Intrigued, Interested, Patriotic and Lucky.
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Poor. No advanced degrees. Unorganized. Feeble. Disjointed. Random. Past it. .... Intrigued, Interested, Patriotic and Lucky.

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Beasley Beesmeal
September 2, 2013 2:59 am

Ronald..but he’s dead..(sigh)

September 3, 2013 3:41 am

There’s no cavalry coming.
No one on a white stallion will come riding into the political arena to “lead” Americans back to our values and principles.

If, and only if, enough conservatives organize and unite politically in the Republican Party where they live and take it over from the precinct level, by becoming precinct committeemen — “card carrying,” voting members of the Party — then we might have a chance.

Thank you.
Cold Warrior

September 3, 2013 8:50 am

Nice article bob’. I especially appreciate the Cornel West link. He has always been a liberal man that truly cares about the plight of the poor and he has been unrelenting in his criticism of Obama’s econ policies.