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UPDATE: 8:00 P.M. 8/29 – There seems to be some amount of “Hold on a minute” in the blogosphere in re whether Sen. Tim Scott was actually, or specifically snubbed or not at the “Dream” rally, as exemplified here. The source for this piece was the Washington Times, but there were several references around the Web. Frankly, in the larger scheme, we don’t think it matters much to our piece as Sen. scott was only an example. Obviously, from looking at the event’s lineup, there couldn’t have been much serious outreach to Republicans/conservatives. So, if the piece was unintentionally misleading, simply substitute “Allen West”, “Thomas Sowell”. “Ken Blackwell” or dozens of other upstanding black luminaries for “Tim Scott” and the point will remain the same.


No, we’re not judging. Just saying. The four little children have all grown up, with one now deceased. So on this, the 50th anniversary of Dad’s “I Have A Dream” speech, who are they cavorting with ? Why none other than Al Sharpton, the disgrace to Reverendhood and the despicable instigator of the Tawana Brawley farce and of late one of the perpetrators of the “Trayvon Martin As The Boy Next Door” miscarriage of victimhood.

So what is Tim Scott to Bernice, MLK III and Dexter….chopped liver? Oh, that’s right, Oprah was available! The only black Senator, and from South Freaking Carolina no less, was persona non grata at the New Age Civil Rights bash, featuring Barack Obama’s “I Have A Nightmare That Blacks Aren’t Getting the Reparations They’re Due, Even In My Fabulous Wealth Redistribution Fantasy” speech. oprah Yes, we could go on at some length here mocking the mockery that has become the civil rights legacy of those who have corrupted it, beginning decades ago with the shakedown antics of another faux Reverend, Jesse Jackson, way back in the day (Things go better with the executives at Coca Cola!)

But what got our goat was when we heard someone mention during the airing of the festivities today that the historical speech, the iconic speech, the once-in-a-lifetime speech that inspired tens of millions, black and white both, to seal the deal on equality of opportunity and guaranteed participation in self-governance and self-determination for the Negro Race in America, was the copyrighted and marketed intellectual “property” of the King family of Atlanta Georgia. The speech apparently in no ways belongs to the American people, least of all Black people who, as the President reminded us yesterday, supposedly have a harder time finding a job than white people these days. So many of them probably can’t afford the $20 price tag to obtain a copy of the speech that set them free.

Now, we don’t know if Lincoln’s family cashed in on the performance at Gettysburg, and of course the Kennedy family “asked not ” how much the country could fork over for JFK’s inaugural address, perhaps because they already had Grandad’s bootlegging fortune. But it seems a bit ironic that at a time when there should be at least a modicum of gratitude to the nation for the progress in so many areas and the lifting of so many black families to middle-class status over the last fifty years, the King family can’t “give back” to America, can’t even give back to poor little black kids all over the country,

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by relinquishing the copyright to what took place on public, taxpayer-funded property fifty years ago.

If you go to the King Center web site there is no shortage of products for sale, and supposedly, since the Center is a non-profit, after the kids take their salaries, the proceeds go for education and stuff. In the Godalmighty name of altruism and love for the Brothers and Sisters, if nothing else, but especially if “the struggle” is still going on, as the Kings and their cohorts Rev. Al and the Congressional Black Caucus insist, then you’d think they would want Dr. King’s speech to reach every nook and cranny of every precinct in the US free of charge.

Sadly, that is not the case. The King Kids would rather rake it in as they glad hand two people, Al and Oprah, who barely know who Emmett Till was since they were babies at the time but are sure that Tawana and Trayvon bear an uncanny resemblance to him.


Trayvonemmett till casket






And then, in the matter of character, there is, besides avarice and associating with thugs and pretentious billionaresses and propping up a false-messianic President while ignoring the only Black US Senator, the small matter of fostering untruth. If you go to the King Center website you will see a diatribe about Shelby County v. Holder, the Supreme Court decision which brought nine Southern States back into the Union after decades of apprenticeship in the School of Voting Rights. The Kings would have you believe that Texas, Mississippi, et al, practice institutional racism by requiring proof of character (an ID card readily obtainable gratis wherever government benefits are applied for).

That charge, of institutional racism and voter intimidation, is, quite frankly, a lie. The King Kids, as most prominent Blacks in America , are quite educated and know better. But they, like the Sharptons and the Jacksons and the John Lewis’s and all the rest, who also know better and are thus liars as well, insist that the election officials should judge black people who come into the polls to vote solely on the color of their skin, with no character references (ID cards) to enter into the consideration. It is partisan political skullduggery at it’s worst, and we judge the King Kids as the equals of any whites in the country of engaging in it. THAT is what the old man would be turning over in his grave about. The voter intimidation charge is every bit as phony as Sharpton’s allegations regarding Tawana Brawley. They are a national disgrace.

And so we find that in 2013, on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, the plantation is bigger, much bigger and just as enslaving as it was before Lincoln took his seat at the National Mall. It covers the entire US of A, including the National Mall where apparently what is said can’t be repeated unless you … the man … and is run by not only greedy politicians but by greedy, ungrateful children of true American civil rights pioneers. Children who have their entire lives been able to not only vote, but eat at the finest restaurants, travel unimpeded and in comfort and cavort with the glitterati of liberal Ruling Class politicians, business types and entertainers and charlatans.

We are growing quite weary of the racialist profiteers and power-mad Democrat political apparatus confiscating the National Mall, usurping the National Park Service, hijacking the political process and claiming dibs on the ground rules for political debate in this country.

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The “copyrighted” Speech may be, by some quirk of legality, the property of a few privileged descendants whose father knew the scope of his mandate, and it didn’t include racemongering, fifty years ago. But the National Mall, National celebrations, National dialogue and indeed the thing known as the Civil Rights Movement are not.

Al Sharpton and Oprah Winfrey have black skin. Tim Scott has character. tim scott

Note: The following is the official protocol, taken from the King Center website, for being able to view and use the copyrighted historical records that set America free from the bondage of inequality of liberty and opportunity. You would probably have to furnish some type of ID attesting to yourself if you want to use the documents.


To obtain proper authorization for use of Dr. King’s works and intellectual property, please contact Intellectual Properties Management (IPM), the exclusive licensor of the Estate of Martin Luther King, Jr., Inc. at or 404 526-8968.


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Poor. No advanced degrees. Unorganized. Feeble. Disjointed. Random. Past it. .... Intrigued, Interested, Patriotic and Lucky.

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