In that, the GOP refuses to listen to the Smart ones

Screen-shot-2012-04-09-at-12.49.38-mediaiteOver the weekend, some of the smartest Smart Girls I know had a summit in Indianapolis, which, one would think, would be an ideal place for the DC Republican party (seemingly desperate to demonstrate the the so-called “WAR ON WOMEN” is a Democrat-conceived hoax that they themselves are guilty of perpetuating) would want to not only attend, but participate in.

Hell no. They didn’t go:

I understand that everyone is busy right now. I also understand that the Hill Republicans have sort of a love-hate relationship with us grassroots warriors. However, I also understand that the Republicans have a woman problem. Whether that is true or not (and I don’t believe it is) the media has won the “war on women” battle and successfully painted Republicans as having a perceived “women” problem. Well if perception is reality you’re screwed, GOP! Time for damage control. What better way to start than addressing a group of grassroots conservative and libertarian women from across the nation as they all sit in one room?

Excuse me, GOP head honchos but these are the very people you are going to be hitting up for money and time in a few months. You are going to expect these women to walk the precincts for you and (wo)man the call centers and stuff the envelopes. You’re going to ask them for $5, $10, just $15 dollars to help so and so defeat the liberal machine! You’re going to expect us to be out there combating this ridiculous “war on women” meme when it comes up during the election cycle. You’re going to point proudly to organizations like Smart Girl as proof that Republicans have their fingers on the pulse of women’s issues. In other words…YOU’LL NEED US. Yet you could not find the time or decency to come where we were and remind us that you know we’re there and we’re working for victory.

In other words, the GOP establishment types seem to believe in a “shut up, send us money, and we’ll handle this messy political stuff for you.”

Screw that.

Where the local Indiana GOP did make some gestures, the DC swamp sent nobody

The Indiana Republicans were quite gracious, sending a video message from Gov.Mike Pence and bringing in Lt.Gov. Sue Ellspermann to officially open the Summit weekend. Smart Girl founders Stacy Mott and Teri Christoph assert they sent numerous invitations to nearly every GOP heavyweight on the Hill, including RNC representatives. Not one response. Not one representative took the time to even send a prerecorded message.

Next will come the mass mailers with the cards attached for donations.

Send them back blank, and write SGP13 on them. Then give locally, forget the RNC.

Somehow, despite the party of Bob (Feelya) Filner (D), and Anthony (Whip It Out) Weiner (D), somehow it’s the Republicans who have an image problem, and will continue to without making an effort to reach out to the people who can make or break them for more than just donations.

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