Famous Last Words From A Failed Agenda


climate-changeWe Can’t Afford To Wait“.

Whenever you hear that phrase, especially from a Politician… and even more frighteningly if you hear it from a Democrat Politician… your first instinct should be to run as fast as your legs will carry you. At the very least, you should be looking around to see who’s lining up to be handed the money you’re about to be robbed of.

And so it is that we find our ever-campaigning President today, sending his minions out to get even more money we don’t have so he can spend it on even more things we don’t need and can’t afford:

Climate change is real and dangerous—but Congress refuses to take action to fight back.

We can’t afford to wait. That’s why President Obama announced that he’s taking bold action now to reduce carbon emissions and help our environment.

Add your name today to show your support.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed by a lot of us plain folk out here that, for all the speeches and grand promises, the President hasn’t really accomplished anything since his reelection. How is it that, THIS time, things will turn out better than the LAST time he failed on this issue?

_AN10448.JPGSure, we’re heard about college loans and sequesters, and peace initiatives and better Americas, but there’s nothing more to show for all that than

fancy Vineyard vacations and IRS/NSA/Benghazi scandals that nobody is doing anything about. It seems to be the standard M.O. of President Obama to either do nothing, or at least show he’s trying to do something by going after anything and everything that changes the subject from what he’s clearly already failed at.

But let not your hearts be troubled, ladies and gentlemen; at least the First Lady is cutting a Rap album and her husband has made great strides in improving his handicap.

And so this week’s new changed subject is back to an old changed subject: climate change. As if right on cue, the President’s gang has kicked off a new fund raiser (do people really fall for those anymore?) telling us that their guy is “taking bold action now to reduce carbon emissions and help our environment”. Funny… what about all that new bold action to bring our soldiers home, or fix the economy, or find us jobs? Apparently, being harder to do and all, the President will settle for taking more of our money for an even MORE elusive problem that he cannot and will not solve.

Over at Redstate, Erickson sums it up nicely, about halfway in to his thoughts on this subject, when he observes thusly:

The climate is a complex system. But it is apparently easier to understand and fix than the economy and job creation. Those — the economy and jobs — those are the hard ones, the difficult ones, the ones too difficult for super computers to even model.

I don’t know about easier, but fixing the climate is great fodder for soundbites in between rounds of golf. And after all, isn’t that the point? Go after yet another problem we can’t agree on the fix for, obscure our view of the problems we need to fix more immediately, and keep us arguing and fighting amongst ourselves about what to do… while the big shot goes on yet another vacation we have to pay for?

[images via Scientific America, Keep Bandera Beautiful, and Boston Herald]

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