Unfinished Work


Dear Abraham,

I take pen in hand to write of the doings in the world these days.

It has been eight score years since that day at Gettysburg.
Your words resonated in the ears, minds and hearts of those gathered.
Your words spoke of the birth of our Nation

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and the ongoing cost of freedom.
Of freedom earned with the cost of blood soaking the land.
Your words became part of our treasured history and are part of every schoolchild’s learning.
Your words freed people and led them out of bondage.

For one score years, people of color voted, purchased land, educated themselves and their children who were finally born free. Children of former slaves born free, and born American Citizens because of your words. Unfortunately good Sir, that dream of yours was hindered and deliberately sabotaged by the party who fought to keep slavery.
Laws to keep Americans from voting.
Laws to prohibit education, where to live, and marrying outside the color of a person’s skin. So many laws, violent raids under cover of darkness, and murders came to pass by those who were angered by your freeing words.

Over the decades people were getting ahead on their own, by their own hard work and diligence.
No assistance from the government, just one another, family, their church and most of all, God.
In the guise of ending poverty, the party of slavery said, “Here, let us help you.”
That help came with a price. No Husband and Father allowed in the home.
More babies (fathers need not be present or needed) equals more money, more food stamps, bad education and segregated housing.
Never getting ahead or out from under this new form of slavery.
So seductive. So addictive. So destructive.

Young girls and women their virtue violated and sold, made into breasts, thighs and behinds. Parted out like a car destined for the crusher. The unborn cut out because life is inconvenient this time around. Entire generations tossed in the trash. Young men without the guidance of a strong father in the home, find themselves adrift in low places. Find themselves in trouble and locked away. Finding themselves dead.

This is not the future you envisioned. There is still unfinished work in the freeing of anyone who is enslaved, anyone held in government sanctioned, government enacted bondage and servitude.

Have the dead died in vain? There are those who want God gone from this Nation.
There are those who, in order to stop the truth from being spoken out loud, cry of hate and discrimination. They wear the trappings of hurt feelings and wrongs done like a death shroud in order to silence freedom.
There are those who want the government to be just of a few ruling over all, and not by the people, for the people, and I fear a Free America shall perish from the earth.

I set pen aside and pray that in four score more years, future generations read and write of you. Read, write and live in freedom, and of those who fought in this time to oust slavery once again from this land. Once again conceived in Liberty. Once again dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Once again, Abraham, I pray.

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August 10, 2013 9:47 pm

And the further outrage, perhaps the greater, is that there are more than a few with large platforms and giant amplifiers who know the truth but will not speak it. A prayer for them to find their voice would be in order as well.

August 11, 2013 8:59 am

Poignant, Pamela, poignant.