Help a girl with cerebral Palsy – Only takes a minute, won’t cost you a cent


Jay’s a long time Grumpy Opinion’s Reader and occasional contributor, until yesterday, when he sent this email I didn’t realize his grand-daughter Alexa, had Cerebral Palsy

Friends and Family,

Attached is a link for a Cruise Give-Away that I have nominated Kimberly, our daughter, as a Caretaker for her 9 yr. old daughter, Alexa, who has Cerebral Palsy. I’m asking if each of you could go in each day to the web site through Aug 24 and vote for her. The person with the most votes will win the trip……

I visited the site and voted, only took a couple seconds, I didn’t see any requests for money, and while there was a spot to sign up for notifications and more information, there was no pressure to do so..

I asked Jay to tell me a little more about Alexa – Here’ what he sent me this morning:




Alexa Savage is 8 years old. She has had cerebral palsy since birth. She has never been able to walk or speak without assistance, but she can use a computer, and goes to school in 2d grade. She speaks thru a specialized talking computer. She likes to read, but has trouble with math. She likes to swim, but has to watch others run and play. Most days she plays with her video collection on her free time. Her parents do all they can with their time and resources to get Alexa the therapy and support she needs.

Alexa has recently been diagnosed with “mitochondrial degeneration”. Basically, the “engines” inside her cells that process nutrients are breaking down. As new cells grow, there are fewer and fewer working mitochondria. Eventually this will mean that she can’t sustain life and will go into seizures and her heart will stop. We don’t know how much longer Alexa may last. She is already 3 years past the doctors’ best-case estimates.

Her parents would like to take Alexa on one last adventure, a cruise, as long as she is still functioning rather well. It would mean a lot to the entire family. Alexa would be able to take along her sister and brother on this cruise as well, which would do them all a lot of good. We need a little help from you, however. Please do all you can. Click on the link below and that is all we ask. No donation, just a vote. This is not a phony gimmick or some marketing ploy, but a real request to help a real girl and her family, and it won’t cost you anything. Just a vote.

Please vote once a day till August 24.

I’m a grandfather with three daughters and eight grandchildren, I almost wished I hadn’t read it ..  I’m not sure how I’d deal with something so far beyond anything I could do to help, if it were one of my grandchildren..

So I went back and voted for Kimberly again, tweeted about the contest, put a link on Facebook, and sat down to write this post..

There’s an old line that goes something like:  ”There but for fortune go you or I”

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Larry Eastbay
August 7, 2013 12:27 pm

FWIW I linked this to my Facebook page.

On a cheerier note, my half-sister out-lived her doctors estimates by about 300% (12 years vs the 36 she managed), and then was killed in a traffic accident not related to her condition. Not cerebral palsy but an equally terminal condition.