We Older Folk Keep Getting In The Way Of The Narrative


Even those with pure motives, seeking only to preserve the United States of America, are running out of solid ground to stand on when it comes to defending the various government data collection programs supposedly installed to protect us from terrorist attacks. So the prescient patriot Andy McCarthy pens today at PJM his plea for Righties to man the ramparts in defense of them, lest consensus and coalition lay them asunder.

No matter the consensus, it probably ain’t gonna happen because unthinking patriots with clout, as opposed to thinking patriots, can be, are and will be cajoled by Statist operatives into agreeing that maintaining a gigantic file on everybody and everything (only with numbers and not names – nothing personal, Bub. Been assigned a number yet?) is the last, best hope of stopping the slaughter of innocent Americans.

So we are today only speaking about the rationale for these programs and the nature of the threat. This is where us eyewitnesses to history come in. During the Cold War (You’ve heard of it?) citizens of the United States ( and Russia, whether the peasants realized it or not) lived under the threat of something called Mutual Assured Destruction. That was because there was no defense, none, against incoming Russian ICBM’s. If someone, on either side, pushed the button,  it was on and  we were all toast.
How dire is that? Threat to national security? You bet. But with the threat of the international communist conspiracy looming over our heads, with Soviet operatives everywhere, all the time, and dedicated to their cause and with nukes backing them up, did we ever consider suspending Constitutional protections of liberty and freedom? Did anyone seriously propose that we had to have massive data collection and government surveillance programs on American citizens in order to keep the Soviets at bay and avoid the Final Calamity when conventional measures failed? No.

Now are we to believe that bedrock Constitutional precepts must be put in limbo in these modern times because without us and our every act or communication being scrutinized by Big Brother, our Protectors are helpless to protect us? Balderdash!

Is the menace of Islamofascist terrorism real, serious,  and continual? Of course it is. But here’s a tip: There is nothing unconstitutional about closing the border and securing ports of entry. No warrantless wiretaps or mass data collection centers in Utah are required to identify islamic jihadists. They come from the Middle East, sometimes via Europe and Asia and Mexico and sometimes they slip into this country unnoticed,  sometimes they “overstay” their visas. And nothing is ever done about it, probably because the agent-in-charge is looking at a data set of communications of all types and trying to solve a riddle, instead of nabbing the overstayer and throwing him in jail or booting him from the country.

In the Cold War, we fought the most formidable foe our country has ever faced in all the wars it has ever fought, who used guile and guise and device and infiltration and communication of every possible sort.  And could kill most of us in minutes. And we defeated him without sacrificing American liberty.

You know what this is almost exactly like? It’s almost exactly like we can’t use the  foundations of the Bible and it’s teachings, the Ten Commandments and the Laws of Morality and Conduct attached to it anymore because these are modern times and we have to be sophisticated about things and supercede the Judeo-Christian precepts, else there will be great offense and calamity to …..somebody. Again, Balderdash!

When we were still a Christian nation (yeah, you heard that right) we abolished slavery and made right by our womenfolk, cured disease and went to the moon and planted a flag (not a Cross. Imagine that!)

Given enough time, us older folk could go on to throw a monkey wrench into  a whole bunch of avante garde narratives, but for the time being we’ll just leave it at this: Throw out the rulebook and it’s not baseball anymore. It’s a bloodsport. Lot of older folks, mostly gone from the scene now, could testify to the value of sticking with tried and true recipes. See, our Constitution and our Bible enabled us to defeat the Russians, (as some older Eastern European folks could attest)  but the reason we cling to both is to protect us from Our government and the Nihilists who use it.


………or our grandchildren will be doomed to repeat it.

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