conventionIf you follow talk radio you know Mark Levin recently announced his latest book and the topic of it. He is calling for an Article V Convention of the States. He also suggests some topics for that convention he calls “The Liberty Amendments” Since the book is not yet out, I don’t know which topics he addresses or how he addresses them.

However the is a very good list of suggested amendments located at Take a look.

But to address the particular question contained in the title of this post.

A. Yes. A Constitutional Convention, even an Article V Convention, contains an element of danger. When you recall that the people who signed the Declaration of Independence signed just below where it said, “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the Protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor,” it should be obvious that they also considered that to be a little bit risky.

Freedom really isn’t free nor is the quest for freedom without risk. They went up against the most powerful nation on earth and with enormous sacrifice they created something great. It was only the willingness to take great risk that made it possible.

The alternative to our being willing to take risks is also known. We are already sliding into a tyranny. Washington recognizes no limits on its power and no authority exists to force it to obey the constitution.

The NSA and other federal agencies spy on practically every email we send and phone call we make.

They collect “meta-data” from our cell phones which in plain language means they know every person we call, every place we go (thanks to a federal mandate that cell phones incorporate gps), everybody we regularly associate with, what time we get up, what time we go to bed, who we are sleeping with, which church we attend, where we shop. In short, the vague term “meta-data” means virtually everything you would think is private.

The IRS snoops into every aspect of our financial privacy.

The FBI admits it uses drones for domestic surveillance. The military is loaning drones to local law enforcement in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act.

The federal government also provides funds for;

Police agencies across the country using automated license plate reading cameras to record our movements as we travel. And they store this data for years.
Jurisdictions installing facial recognition technology tracking us as we walk.

Google and other search engines, in bed with government, track everything we do online and give government access to that data. Microsoft coaches federal agencies on how to break the encryption included in Microsoft products. Facebook and other social media collect massive amounts of data about us by data-mining the web, linking it to

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our profiles and then share everything with the government. This is what fascism looks like.

All of this surveillance, invasive data-mining and corporate collaboration is directed against hundreds of millions of American citizens who are not in anyway suspected of any criminal activity. Clearly massive and egregious violations of the constitution but corrupt federal judges protect it all.

Not acting also has risk but very little chance for freedom.

A father of eight, manager of a small business, concerned American.