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You don’t want your kids and your grandma to be groped at the airport?  Well, just kick in $85 apiece to the Janet Napolitano retirement fund and you and your loved ones can enjoy hands-off traveling about the country!  Yep, your Transportation Security Administration, always trying to satisfy the traveling public, has come up with a revolutionary new product that will allow you to breeze through airports and laugh at the poor dolts waiting in line for the ultimate humiliation.

TSA’s Pre-check program offers travelers separate lines at checkpoints, where they leave on shoes and light coats and keep laptops in their bags.  TSA Administrator John Pistole announced Friday the agency will expand eligibility for the program to include travelers who pay a one-time fee of $85 for five years, to cover an application with identifying information such as address and birthplace, a background check and fingerprinting.

Now is that equal justice under the law or what!!?? Both groups of people – those who pay the bribe and give out their phone number and those who don’t pay the bribe – get to travel! It’s just a little more dignified and less uncomfortable for those who can afford the fee.

In an unrelated item, splashed across the headlines yesterday was the tale of how best-selling author Brad Thor, upon learning that Eric Holder had expressed a lust for the recently exonerated George Zimmerman’s personal weapon, had offered to buy Zimmerman a new one.    Well, as someone has since pointed out, Holder’s penchant for denying people the Right To Keep And Bear Arms extends way beyond Zimmerman.  He has taken advantage of so-called “straw purchase” statutes to go after gunbuyers and gunsellers alike in “sting” operations to the extent of entrapping innocent, pure-of-motive people in sleepy little towns all across America.  And to the further extent of notoriously supplying Mexican criminals with the means to kill Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

brian terry

That’s right.  You citizens out there who might want to purchase a gun and give it to your wife, who once sought counseling because she had been abused in a previous relationship and would therefore be characterized by Holder as having a mental disorder and unable to pass a background check, would be guilty of a felony, while the homeys in Chicago who are the beneficiaries of Holder’s attempt to put licensed firearms dealers out of business by sending in fake buyers to their gunstores, are free to maim and kill in lawless abandon.

So Brad Thor was advised not to make a scene about buying a weapon and turning it over to Zimmerman, even though both men theoretically could pass a background check since neither has a criminal record.

What you have, in theory, in these “straw purchase” scenarios, is a situation where a person with a clean record who can pass a perfunctory background check, can be used, either knowingly or unknowingly, by another person, or group of persons,  who have nefarious intent.


In another unrelated item, we were just musing the other day about how a year or so  before the Boston Marathon Bombing the Obama administration  had reluctantly done a background check based on information supplied by Those Wacky Paranoid Russians and had certified that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was fit to move freely about the country, and back and forth between countries.

boston marathon


Now, though the above three items are totally, totally unrelated, despite any claim that no possible inferences or conclusions could be drawn from lumping those events together, and even if they could it really wouldn’t be worth anybody’s precious time, there is still a kind of ironic, dark comedic satisfaction to be had if one were so inclined.   See, you poor saps will be doling out $85 a head to keep yourself, the Missus, the kids and Grandma from being violated on your way to Disney World.  But it cost Eric Holder diddly to be able to supply weapons  to the Mexican gangs and Tamarlan Tsarnaev saved his $85 and used it to buy gunpowder to make bombs with.

Some say Tamarlan Tsarnaev used his little brother Dhakar, for nefarious purposes.  Others say Dhakar was a willing, eager participant in the Boston plot.  Regardless, Tamerlan probably would have furnished the $85 fee for his brother to apply for a special TSA permit if it had served his purposes.  Granted, a pressure cooker probably could not have remained undetected beneath a “light coat’ in the express lane at the airport, but on the other hand the Islamic jihadists, like the Mexican cartels and the Chicago street gangs, are not stuck on stupid.

We are.



          Cleared for takeoff by Rolling Stone magazine


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