Segregation Was Better Than This


The photo accompanying this piece is of an “integrated” protest.  If you are reading this, you know what it’s supposedly all about, for by virtue of seeking out this website or whatever venue where you found this piece, you already know about the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case and are at least tangentially interested in …..the truth.

There is, of course, the possibility that you do not know all the details of the case, either because you have had a life to live outside of it or because so many of the relevant details of the case have been omitted or intentionally blurred or glossed over.  The truth about that aspect of the case, what the media and the race-baiters did in trying to foment civil unrest, may have passed over you to some degree as well, for even though you are here now, still, you have had other things to do.

I am not going to rehash the details of the case or the media’s and the race-baiters’ lies about it in this space.  I am merely going to assert that the purpose of the integrated protest depicted above is, in part, to perpetuate a lie.  That lie is that the content of Trayvon Martin’s character is, and will be for coming generations, something to celebrate, uphold and use for somebody’s notion of “justice.”

The content of Trayvon Martin’s character may be examined by perusing the content of his cellphone text messages.  They have been published.  You may discover them on the Internet if you are so inclined.  You may think it offensive for me to question the content of Trayvon’s character, to speak ill of the dead as they say.  To that I say, what is being done to millions and millions of little black children, walking the earth today and the millions yet unborn is far more consequential than any indiscretion committed here.  What is being done to black children is evil.  They are being force-fed lies.  And the fact that the faces of those force-feeding them the lies are both black and white doesn’t make it any less evil.

Reflecting back on the post- Martin Luther King antics of the racialist thugs and the Statist thugs and the Racialist Statist Thugs, I have developed a personal , though probably not unique, take on civil rights/ civil unrest affairs in this country which posits that it was the silence of many black religious leaders, many, many, many black religious leaders, that allowed the generations of black children since that time to make the transition from the separation  of “segregation” to slavery on the Statist Racialist Thuggist plantation.

So that when in the year 2012 a sizeable number of black preachers finally, finally found their voice and a limited public platform to speak out against the concepts of homosexual marriage and abortion, belatedly realizing that  “one of their own” was pushing those ideas, and to make the connection to the political affiliations and affinities of those engaged in it, I thought “This could be the turning point.”

But the silence of those same black preachers, the lack of pushback to the lies being pushed about not only the content of Trayvon Martin’s character but the content of George Zimmerman’s character, all the way up to the lies about the rights and responsibilities of citizens in their neighborhood and on public streets, tells me that the veil has only been partially lifted from their eyes.

If I could say one thing to these black clergymen it would be this:  You do not let NBC News tell you what is right and wrong, what is just and unjust.  You do not Let NBC News tell you what Truth is.  And you do not let NBC News tell you what Evil is.  Evil is poisoning the hearts and minds, down to penetrating the growing souls, of little black children with lies and  holding up in front of them false idols and icons.

You know all this.  I know all this.  Those of us with black and white faces NOT out in the street mindlessly acting like idiots and sometimes savages in  “integrated” protests egged on by their Statist masters and their opportunistic, race-hustling pop-culture icons.  We know that the millions and millions of black children walking around today with their Obamaphones texting foul, hideous, sinful, hateful messages back and forth are not “free.”   And the content of their character is a valid discussion point. Not by any stretch of the imagination are they free and that they are enslaved by their controllers so easily these days can be attributed in large part to those very same cellphones, and the many other “social media” devices and platforms commandeered and operated by their rulers.  Segregation was better than this.


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