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The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday (June 25) gutted a core part of the landmark 1965 Voting Rights Act and challenged Congress to come up with a replacement plan to protect blacks and other minorities in places where discrimination still persists rather than target former slaveholding states in the South.

The Supreme Court decision issued two weeks ago concerning the Voting Rights Act has been roundly lambasted by the racialist Democratic Socialist oligarchy which has ruled the United States, and especially our colored bretheren,  for decades now. But it is a truly liberating decision for the city of Kinston, North Carolina.
About five years ago, Kinston, a town of about 20,000 with a majority black population of 68%, voted to institute non-partisan municipal elections. Two-thirds of the voters wanted to end party designations on the ballot. Because the Justice Department of the United States had veto power over any such activity in a number of southern states due to Sections 4 and 5 of the VRA, and because DOJ had become obscenely politicized over the years, culminating in the coup of Barack Obama and Erick Holder, the town was told “No. You Must have party affiliations on your ballots or people (specifically blacks) won’t know who to vote for.” (The infamous ‘Loretta King ‘ letter)
That terribly foul and abominable insult to the black people of Kinston has now been rectified officially by the Supreme Court, although DOJ had previously withdrawn it’s objections in 2012 because of the uproar over the situations in Kinston and other southern jurisdictions, in an obvious attempt to stave off corrective action by the courts. That action came via the ruling in Shelby County (AL) v. Holder.


For Louisiana State Senator Elbert Lee Guillory, though, the hounds come-a-hunting. Even as his right-on sentiments about Shelby v. Holder are portrayed accurately here, the misrepresentations and falsifications about the history of civil rights in this country demanded by the bigoted  Racialist Democrat Machine continue to be promulgated, as well as the false assertions as to who’s really looking out for ‘my people’. (E. Holder, ca. 2012). Explore the website linked to above for a taste of the social mandates and class -and- race-and- sexual proclivity-mongering in the stale old practice of keeping everyone on the plantation. He will be ostracized, criticized and vilified as a Tom and a traitor, even unto a prevaricator, as here.  But he is sure of himself as he seeks escape and relief, not only for himself but his fellow Louisianans.

elbert guillory

 Yes, Mr. Guillory, it’s not only time but past time.  The only advice we would offer as you settle in to your new home in the Republican Party is that if you find it too…confining…in these modern go-along-to-get-along times, you can make the final escape from the slavery of politically-correct bi-partisanship lately permeating the political scene to the “disappointment” of many of us on The Right.  You can always heed the example of Kinston, North Carolina and be done with the two-party system once and for all.  Many of us are anxiously eyeing that door as we speak.  You may be mocked and vilified and hounded by the vested interests, but you are on the road to becoming a truly Free Man.  Thank God Almighty.


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July 7, 2013 6:52 am

Guillory and Rev Jackson (running for Lt Gov in VA) are going to be at the center of a new civil rights movement, Bob. Let’s hope this one isn’t hijacked as well.

July 7, 2013 8:13 pm

Slavers (Democrats, Socialists, Communists) will always try to find a way to keep people in bondage, no matter the color of their skin. Welfare, Abortion, outcries of Racism, force fed shoddy education etc are part and parcel instruments in the tool chest of Oppressors.

Time to stop the ever present threat of fear of the future, kill the minds, hearts and souls of this Nation.