A Message for Wendy


I see Texas State Senator Wendy Davis made the big leagues today, appearing on all the Sunday network shows. She is quite the hero to the culture of death crowd for her filibuster of Texas senate bill SB5 and the chaos at the end of the session that caused the bill to fail. Wendy thinks it is just so radical to prevent abortions after five months and require upgrades to the abortion mills to protect women’s health. Maybe Wendy didn’t hear about Mr Gosnell.

Something extraordinary occurred on the Mark Davis radio show on Friday. A caller was brought on by Mr Davis, a woman who admitted to a quick fix many years ago. She made it clear Wendy Davis doesn’t represent her.

Listen to the heartache as this woman gives witness:

Alas, the message is lost on Wendy. Texans, how about you? Will you do something that matters?#Stand4Life

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