Thinking About Texas, 2014


Governor Perry has said he will make his intentions clear next week. Only he knows if he will run for another term as Governor or try again for the White House. If he announces for president, well, I just don’t know. There is a lot for him to overcome but on the other hand, events can change dramatically.

If Perry doesn’t run for Governor, the 2014 Texas primary will be free for all- every statewide office is likely to change. Attorney General Greg Abbott will likely be the next Governor if Perry doesn’t run. We already have 3 good conservative candidates that want Dewhurst’s job of Lt Governor. Senator Dan Patrick, Todd Staples and Jerry Patterson will fight it out with Dew. Of the three solid conservatives opposing Dewhurst, I lean toward Patrick but any of the three would be an improvement.

The newest Bush, young and handsome George P. wants to be Land Commissioner. Eric Opiela, counsel for the state party and a family rancher wants that job, as well (go Eric). Texas’ excellent Comptroller Susan Combs is retiring. Debra Medina, (Ron Paul! Ron Paul!, yikes), Senator Glenn Hegar, author of SB5, and Representative Harvey Hildebran want the job. I’ll take Hildebran.

wendy davisThe now elevated Wendy Davis will probably run for governor or maybe against Senator Cornyn. She’ll have a huge abortion war-chest but I suspect she will find Texas women aren’t into baby killing. That terrible scene in the Texas Senate Wednesday night might play well in New York but in Texas . . . Out damned spot, but she won’t be able to wash it off.

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June 29, 2013 7:20 am

Since the rise of dark times, Texas has served as a beacon and anchor for conservatism, and freedom. Rick Perry can take credit for that. I hope he’s a legacy guy, for I am, and believe that passing that mantle off to the best person to keep that fair haven fair and that anchorage clear, is Job 1, should he decide to pass it on.

June 29, 2013 7:13 am

Conservative eyes have been on Texas for awhile, for guidance, support, anchorage, and maybe even that nullifying shot across DC’s bow. Under Perry it has become an icon and island of common sense and freedom in a sea of rising authoritarianism. I’m a big legacy guy, and I hope Gov Perry is too, and knows that maybe the most important decision he’ll ever make is in preserving that legacy forTexas. That’s chore #1.