Numbers USA ad exposes dangers of immigration bill


Several weeks ago a large number of conservative groups penned a letter to the Senate “Gang of Eight” opposing their proposed way to “reform” immigration.

One of their biggest concerns was it hurts American job seekers: those who are here legally, and gives preference to those who are here illegally. 

Numbers USA, a group dedicated to finding ways to stabilize the U.S. population, launched TV and radio ads this week in 18 states to expose the dangers of the Obama-Rubio-Schumer Amnesty bill that rewards millions of illegal immigrants with work permits, imports millions more new foreign job seekers and asks Americans to trust the government will enforce immigration laws someday in the future.

The Gang of Eight bill passed the Senate Judiciary Committee and comes up for a vote in June. This bill, S. 744, if placed into law would issue 33 million new, lifetime work permits to job seekers from around the world over the next ten years at a time when 20 million Americans still cannot find full-time jobs.

“The Gang of Eight bill abandons the 20 million of our fellow Americans who need a job; and it does so for the purpose of rewarding the wealthy special interests who wrote the bill and who will reap the profits of further glutting the labor market and driving down the wages of American workers, said Roy Beck, NumbersUSA president. “Under the flood of tens of millions more foreign workers over the next decades, more middle-class occupations will collapse and essential jobs that now pay near-poverty wages will have little chance of improving.”

Below is the 30 second ad:

Please show this ad to your family and friends and urge them to call their senators and ask for a “no” vote on this bill.

After all, their job could depend on it.

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