“The Thrill (up the leg) Is Gone”

thrill is gone



“The Thrill Is Gone” — B B King

 The thrill is gone
The thrill is gone away
The thrill is gone baby
The thrill is gone away
You know you done me wrong baby
And you’ll be sorry someday

The thrill is gone
It’s gone away from me
The thrill is gone baby
The thrill is gone away from me
Although, I’ll still live on
But so lonely I’ll be…



Remember back in 2008 when the mere sight of Barack Obama speaking gave MSNBC’s Chris Matthews a “Thrill up his leg”?


Huh?  Seriously?  You don’t remember Chris Matthews’ declaration of bro-mance for candidate, now-President Obama?  Well, in case you living in a cave in Afghanistan at the time, you can revisit this magical MSNBC moment by clicking here:  Thrills, up and down his leg 


Ah, but this was in 2008 – so very, very long ago…


So where does Chris Matthews’ ‘thrilled leg’ stand in 2013? 



I’ll give you a hint:  “Hey Chris, you might want to sit down…”


On last night’s MSNBC show (ranked by Nielsen as having a consistent viewership of ’19’ (prison inmates)), Chris Matthews said the following:

“(President Obama) obviously likes giving speeches more than he does running the executive branch…”


“What part of the presidency does Obama like? He doesn’t like dealing with other politicians — that means his own cabinet, that means members of the congress, either party. He doesn’t particularly like the press…. He likes to write the speeches, likes to rewrite what Favreau and the others wrote for the first draft,”


“So what part does he like? He likes going on the road, campaigning, visiting businesses like he does every couple days somewhere in Ohio or somewhere,” Matthews continued.


“But what part does he like? He doesn’t like lobbying for the bills he cares about. He doesn’t like selling to the press. He doesn’t like giving orders or giving somebody the power to give orders. He doesn’t seem to like being an executive.”



Oh my.  The thrill IS gone, isn’t it?


Is it gone for long?  Nah, Chris will have the thrill back soon enough.  

As for you, I invite you to enjoy 13 minutes of the Blues with B.B. King…  


Why?  Because your (and my) thrill’s been gone for stinking YEARS.  We grin and bear it, but poor Chris Matthews, this dude’s gonna need professional help…




Thrill is gone baby. 


Chris Matthews and Jon Stewart (from yesterday’s post) might want to begin a ‘Post Obama Thrill Bro-mance’ support group for each other.


Misery loves company.  


Have a nice day folks…


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