Beating The Communist Left, At Their Own Game, Part 2


If you recall part one of  Beating the Communist Left at their own Game a couple days ago I stressed the importance of forming independent groups that can, if used properly, be used to disrupt the left’s ongoing propaganda campaign




The object is to use facts, to discredit the opposition on their home turf. We want to force their readers, their liberal base to do something they aren’t used to.  Attack them where they feel safe.

Roughly 40 Million Americans claim to be Conservatives,  If they were all willing to become activists, inside of a month the entire Communist Movement in the United States would be in hiding and Joe Biden would be keeping the seat behind the desk in the Oval Office warm, wondering if he was going to be the next one impeached.  As a group we could be that powerful.  Obama has committed numerous impeachable offenses but Congress won’t act because they aren’t afraid of us…

Forty million people won’t become activists so we have to aim a little lower.  If one out of a hundred is willing to become involved, things will change – If one in ten is willing to join them and just send a few quick emails a week, things will change a lot…

The truth, common sense and logic are the left’s biggest enemy. They know it, and they’ve gotten very good at spin, that’s the reason they’ve worked so had to corrupt our language.  This video will give you an idea how we got into the pathetic shape we’re in.



The most obvious place to attack would be the places they use to indoctrinate people, and push the bullshit propaganda.

Liberal Websites, including Mainstream Media

The Mainstream Media. sites like Yahoo, Huffington and the Washington Post are big targets, it’s possible to use their comments sections and discredit most of their opinions with facts and logic, but it’s not easy, simply because you need overwhelming numbers.

If you try and use facts against 5000 liberal drones posting on Huffy Post you’re going need a lot more than a group of 30 or 40 people to do it…

For the time being, it’s better to stick with smaller progressive websites like Media Matters For America, Think Progress, the Democratic Underground, and the like.   They normally have 40 or 50 people commenting, most aren’t capable of doing much more than parroting whatever the writer and other people are saying.

When you first start, go with something simple, numbers count, so always try to make sure you have enough people to make big impression…and do it someplace they feel comfortable, and safe.

Let’s say the Daily Kos, Media Matters or Think Progress has a post up on what they call “Immigration” —  And we call Invasion.

It doesn’t have to be immigration, it can be anything. Just try to make sure your people know their facts (links come in handy, don’t leave too many, then it’s spamming).  Sticking with the invasion…

Take your friends in and leave a couple hundred quick comments telling them there’s a difference between criminal invaders and honorable immigrants- no threats, never make a threat.  If you sense confusion, and you have some people that know how to do it properly, it’s okay to start a couple arguments before you disengage.

You must stay within their Terms of Service.

For one thing,  you might want to to borrow another one of the left’s tactics and  “SCREAM FREE SPEECH”  if they ban you, you can’t do that if you break the rules.  You don’t generally want to engage in a lot of direct arguments, if you aren’t careful, things get personal – and there isn’t a dog’s chance in hell the moderators are going to side with you, besides then a hit and run attack becomes a battle. The site’s administrators have a chance to react while you’re still there –

Not engaging directly is difficult, in fact, my first comment would probably be to the guy that had the most recommends, friends or badges or thumbs up — but I’ve had practice-

The goal isn’t to get into a lot of little flame fights –

The idea is to make them shut down the discussion and possibly take down the article, they won’t like losing control of the conversation.  They damned sure won’t like seeing their opinions shot to pieces in front of their regular readers…and they’re on the losing end of a game of whack a mole.

Blocking one or two people is easy, blocking a hundred or two is entirely different.  Since they can’t block individuals They’ll shut it down, and try to sort it out later.  They’ll start running into trouble if they have to shut down too many posts.   Think of it as a virtual picket line in front of a business.

You can bet a band of progressives will start guarding the site, ready to engage in a flame war when you come back — but you don’t care.

The next day, hit another article on another liberal site.. One group doing this has no affect, but if several hundred groups do it– and they do it every day, it will leave the left disorganized, and feeling unable to get their message out..

Once your group hits a site, stay off of it for a while.  If they get hit by a series of different groups, they’ll be looking for a pattern and someone to blame – since their isn’t a pattern,and no one in “Overall Command,” they’ll be really confused.  They’ll blame the Koch Brothers, The Evil Karl Rove, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, and anyone else they can think of, while going nuts trying to figure it out.  The left has been pulling that crap for years, they call it free speech.  We need to start exercising a little free speech of our own and beat the crap out of them at their own game.

They won’t understand how they can be hit by several different groups on one day, and only occasionally for weeks.  Their mentality doesn’t allow for anything besides group think, it’s incomprehensible to them that groups of individuals can think or act for themselves.

A word of warning, confused liberals lash out, all that liberal babble about civility, is nothing but liberal babble, they tend to get vicious and make threats.  Don’t overreact to a threat, but don’t under react either.  If someone threatens you, AND you feel they may be capable of carrying  out the threat, contact the authorities.

The same general concepts work on twitter.  Twitter Conservatives have gotten pretty good at taking control of the conversation, but they could do better — simply by getting more people involved. Another way twitter can be useful is to spot liberal websites– many twitter users have their websites listed on their profile-  After you embarrass them on twitter, pay their website a visit…

Speaking of websites. it’s a good idea for groups to set one up – not a large site that will attract attention..  But a site limited to members and guests with a password.

What the tactics I just described do is make it difficult for them to control the narrative– In that respect it’s an important blow to their infrastructure. Even so it won’t deliver the kind of damage that will force change.  It will have an impact, but it’s somewhat limited. First of all, policy makers pay very little attention to comments on media articles, or twitter.  It takes a lot of chatter to get their attention.

There are better ways to get and hold, their attention.  I’ll get into how to do that in Part 3 of  Beating The Communist Left, At Their Own Game,

Hopefully on Saturday

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May 1, 2013 7:14 pm

I thank you Grumpy for all the information; these skeezers can be beat we just need to make sure more know about how!

Grumpy Elder
May 1, 2013 8:21 pm

Start by putting together a group –Pick a liberal site – make sure your group is big enough to overwhelm or at least disrupt the conservation — go in all at the same time, leave 3 quick comments each and vanish – pour yourself a drink and watch the reaction..

May 2, 2013 8:43 pm

I think these efforts need to be done w/ main stream media, focusing on one liberal media type at a time. CAll them out, ridicule them, overwhelm them with common sense and fact etc…MSM wields tremendous power and Gingrich shows it only takes one man to take one of them out and embarrass them.