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Beating The Communist Left, At Their Own Game, Part 1

Call me disillusioned but I sincerely believe the majority in Congress are a bunch of drunken dolts who have no freaking idea what they are doing or talking about. I saw something recently, on a lib channel no less, that suggested that many Americans are way out in front of Congress on the issues.  They are all abuzz today ready to sing around the camp fire and hold hands because there are bipartisan efforts on immigration AND gun control. They are idiots. I think they have heard the drums beating and are trying to do anything they can, between courses of lobster and rack of lamb, to do something to give the appearance of a functioning government.—>> Contra1



He’s got a point, ever since the election the supposedly conservative Republican Establishment has rushed to embrace every hair brained scheme the communists democrats have proposed.. With people like John McCain Openly mocking anyone who stands up for the Constitution..

Everyday we get new reports of communist progressive teachers using their position to indoctrinate our children in ways that would have made Joe Stalin and Adolph Hitler jealous.  Chewing a pastry the wrong way can get a kid suspended if some idiot teacher thinks it was chewed into a potentially deadly Pop Tart Gun.  A 4th grader was told to write a note reading “I am willing to give up some of my constitutional rights in order to be safer or more secure..  .. That teacher needs a trip to a Marine Outpost in Afghanistan.

In the last month or two, I’ve received at least four reports of moderate conservative websites being shutdown by Google’s Blogger and WordPress.com (Free Word Press) because of their conservative viewpoints.  The official justification had something to do with advertising- even though there was no advertising on the sites.   I had one report of a Facebook page being taken down..

While Communist Terrorist would be murders like Bill Ayers get invited to make speeches at colleges, people like Ben Carson have their invitations withdrawn because they’re insensitive enough to believe in God.   Yes, I know Ayer’s claims his bombs never killed anyone, but that’s only because the one that killed his girlfriend blew up before it could be planted at a Military dance.  Pam Geller, of Atlas Shrugs, has an invitation to speak on Long Island withdrawn because the folks running the Synagogue she was to speak at became concerned for the safety of their members if she was allowed to speak.  Someone I know personally just had a similar experience– I’ll get into that on another post, when I have a few more details.

If you visit Conservative Websites, or spend time on twitter you’ll see thousands of people talking to people who share similar values

Almost every day I hear someone ask;  What Can We Do…It’s pretty basic;


Yep, it’s a target rich environment- so picking one isn’t hard- effectively rendering the target harmless, and doing it legally complicates things a bit..

Let’s start off with what you don’t want to do;

Ninety-eight Percent of the people reading this don’t have the necessary knowledge or skills to play internet troll, I’m one of them.  To do it successfully you need to be able to generate an infinite number of throw a way email addresses, usernames, twitter and Facebook accounts.  You need to be able to conceal your computer’s IP Address and some other things.  Besides knowledge, it takes a lot of patience.

If you don’t have those skills, don’t try it, you will get caught.  If you do have ‘em, don’t tell me, I don’t ‘need’ to know.

The other thing you can’t do is spend as much time as usual on twitter, Facebook or your favorite website talking to people who agree with you- they already ‘get it’- you need to talk to people who don’t. Yes, you still need to use  your favorite website or social network to keep in touch with friends, get news and decide when and where to strike, but the objective is to disrupt the bad guys– that means you have to go to them.

Here’s what you can do,

First of all, reach out to your friends and form groups, it doesn’t matter how big they are, but the more people you recruit, the more you can accomplish.  Get to know people in other groups and form networks, as your network grows, you can take on bigger and bigger objectives.

Unlike liberals we don’t need leaders telling us what to do, or when to do it- yes some need a little training, that’s the purpose of this blog.  While there will be times that dozens, even hundreds of groups will have to join forces to make something happen, be cautious of those who claim to speak for conservatives, or worse declare themselves leaders of the conservative moment.  Don’t let the media ordain leaders for you, they will try.  The GOP establishment in particular will use well paid and skilled professional operatives to try and co-opt any conservative movement.  We saw it happen with the TEA Party movement, don’t want a repeat.

There are a few big names that come to mind — Allen West, Rand Paul, Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz who have proven they have solid conservative values.  A couple media names come to mind as well, Michelle Malkin, Glen Beck just to name two.  That said; beware of the ones who have long standing ties to the GOP…

We need to start restoring our language to it’s original meaning, the left has done a remarkable job of redefining words over the the years, now we need to take it back– if you’re going to worry about hurting feeling, or being sensitive- quit now.   You are going to be called names, get used to it.

Immigrants is one of the words that’s been hijacked, the army of illegal aliens invading our county are not immigrants, they are illegal alien criminal invaders. Call ‘em what they are.  The purpose of political correctness is not to protect some overly sensitive jerks feelings, it’s a tool to make you feel guilty anytime you criticize one of the left’s sacred cows.

Dozens of other words have been hijacked, the importance of reclaiming our language cannot be overstated..

Learn your Constitution, get a pocket copy from CATO or the Heritage Foundation and read it.  Publius Huldah is a great source of information about the the Constitution, I refer to her all the time.  Mal Partisan has a number of videos posted on his You Tube Channel designed to help people learn and understand our most important founding document.  Without an understanding of how the Constitution was intended to work, you can’t begin to understand how our government is abusing powers it does not lawfully have.

The big question is;

How can we fight what is happening and how can we lawfully regain control of our government…and how can we stop the progressives and GOP RINO’s movement towards a type of hybrid Communistic/Fascism–

In my opinion we take on the the most obvious enemy to our freedom first, the progressives, more correctly communists- to do this we have to legally:

Control the Social Media- Disrupt their propaganda operation- the MSM, their new media outlets, and their control of the education system.

Make sure that lawmakers never forget they are there to represent us.

Convince various elected and appointed officials, from teachers to US Senators they are being watched – and they work for us. As a part of that, put in place the mechanisms to replace and hold accountable those who fail to observe the Constitution or fail to live up their oath of office.

This can be done legally, and without spending a lot of money and without being bound to any top down organization

Over the next week I’ll release two more posts explaining how.  It’s not difficult, but it will take a lot of work.  If you’re not up to it, get used to spending a lot of time on your knees.

Communists don’t fight fair, and they ignore the law.

We can’t break the law like they do without having Holder and Big Sis Coming down on us–  But outside of that we can beat them at their own game


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Bernard Chumm

Glad you’re on this Grumpy. I’ve been looking over some old quotes about the couch-potatoes you’re trying to recruit. A fellow asked, “How can we be losing when so manyy of us is pissed off all the time?” A: It’s because that all we are. The Left plays us like violins. Every time we yell “ouch” is a win for them. “Back-atcha” is far better lick.

Grumpy Elder

That’s the great part – they have to leave their couches – But truthfully, even at that most won’t get involved, In the end, if we make a stand, it will be about 1% of us that do most of it – hopefully with some back up from time to time of another 10% – the rest will sit at home and whine…

TEA took control of the narrative once, then they let the GOP ‘Experts’ take over, foolish mistake.. Part two should be up by the time you finish your coffee in the morning…