Time to Start Thinking About Marco Rubio’s Replacement


Back in 2010 I actually thought about voting voting for Kendrick Meeks to become Florida’s New Junior Senator


Left to Right, Marco Rubio, Suntan Charlie and Kendrick Meeks



I felt sorry for the guy,

He’d worked his way up through the Ranks of Democratic Party, they’d decided he was the perfect candidate, a party yes man, a hard worker and he was black.  Meeks won the Democratic Primary and every thing was settled-  The Florida Democratic Party had a Black Senatorial Candidate, then the Orange Guy came along– Being the party of diversity the democrat’s all but forgot about the Black guy who won the primary and privately threw their support and money behind the white guy turned orange, and political opportunist, Suntan Charlie Crist…

But Meeks had been a Nancy Pelosi yes man. If by some accident he did happen to win I was afraid he won, all Obama would have to say would be: Drop your drawers and bend over, and Meeks would.  I wasn’t happening with my vote, regardless of how sorry I felt for the guy.

That left Marco Rubio as the only choice.  In theory, at least according to the liberal media, he was the TEA Party Darling..  Maybe it’s just me, but when the liberal media starts telling Conservatives who or what they are supposed to like, red flags go up…

Regardless of his ties to TEA, Rubio was also a  Tallahassee GOP Establishment favorite as well.  Rubio had spent years as a part of that of that establishment.  Something happens to Republicans when they get to the Statehouse.  It might be the water in Tally, like maybe it’s laced with some mind altering drug.   Here in Florida our state level representatives talk like solid conservatives and independent thinkers when they’re at home..  As soon as they hit Tally they become mindless drones– supporting whatever insanity the Jeb Bush GOP establishment wants..

While Rubio was smarter than most of the drones up there, I was afraid he’d still have that mindset.  I wondered how long it would take for him to decide he liked being part of DC’s Political Class and GOP establishment… It didn’t take long, he’s managed to keep keep part of it concealed, but he’s not a Rand Paul or Ted Cruz..  Once he joined up with the notorious Gang of Eight it slowly became obvious he shared McCain’s disdain for hobbits,

It seems like all the chatter about him being  a possible GOP Candidate for President has had an affect, he knows he can never get the GOP nomination without the “In Crowd”s” support..

That explains Rubio’s position on immigration and the way he’s started bashing Conservatives,  As most TEA partiers know, the GOP treats conservatives about the same way the Democrats treated Kendrick Meeks, sometimes worse.

Over the last week or so Marco Rubio has made it clear he doesn’t need or want the support of Florida’s Conservatives any longer-  Who am I to argue, if the man doesn’t want my support or vote, I’ll find someone who does… no big deal

Picking that someone is..  Senate seats are expensive, and the political parties have done everything possible to make sure their monopoly on the process doesn’t get interrupted by pesky third parties..

That’s one reason they want as much control of the internet as they can steal grab more or less Constitutionally.  They realize proper use use of the Internet makes it possible for ordinary people supporting  Independents candidates to muck up their carefully crafted obligatory..

Even so, when you’re talking about the United States Senate, it’s probably best to start with someone who has name recognition and well known opinions who has already been completely vetted by the media and people he’s going to running against..

For Florida one name comes to mind real quick–




He’s a solid conservative..  He was badly screwed by Tallahassee Republicans during the redistricting process.. and got almost no support from Tallahassee when people were trying to figure out the vote counting fiasco that followed his Congressional loss in 2012.  It was as if Tallahassee wanted him outta there..

Since Jeb Bush was whining about the party having gotten so conservative, he felt like an outcast, they probably did..

Allen West owes the Republican Party Nothing

West understands America’s enemies, he knows how they think and he knows who they are, both domestically and aboard.   Without meaning to sound redundant, he knows and understands America’s Political Class and rest of Washington DC’s internal workings

The big question is would he be willing to give up a relaxed semi- retirement for a hard fight against really bad odds

Back in 1776 somebody asked a retired military officer by the name of Washington a very similar question..  We know how he answered

If he feels enough people believe in him, I think we’ll get the same answer out of Allen West

Anyone besides me up to a Draft Allen West for Senate Campaign?


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