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Senator Ted Cruz – NRSC Vice-Chairman

After the disastrous 2012 US Senate elections the NRSC has new leadership. John Cornyn is out as the Chairman and his replacement is Sen. Jerry Moran from Kansas. Rob Jesmer is out as NRSC executive director and his replacement is Rob Collins. Perhaps the most interesting change is that Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is selected as Vice-Chairman. Many of us have a very low opinion of the NRSC, and putting any trust in them is like Charlie Brown trusting Lucy to hold that ball in place for him to kick it. If establishment Republicans are hoping that Ted Cruz will provide cover for them to push for more moderate nominees, then they are as naive as Charlie Brown was to Lucy.

We will have to see how all of this plays out, but let’s look at the selection of Ted Cruz as a good thing. Below are some of the statements that Sen. Ted Cruz has made on accepting this role.

I’m honored by this selection. Our country faces grave fiscal and economic challenges, and I’m very glad to have the opportunity to do everything I can to help retire Harry Reid as Majority Leader. It’s critical that Constitutional conservatives have a strong voice within the NRSC so that together we may build upon lessons learned from this election cycle and elect strong candidates who are committed to pro-growth economics and restraining the job-killing growth of the federal government.

The Washington establishment has proved to be exceptionally poor at picking winners in elections. And I don’t think a handful of Washington insiders should be deciding who should win primaries across the country. Deb Fischer of Nebraska, Jeff Flake of Arizona, and I won with substantial support of the tea party. I think that is a recipe for winning elections, if we find strong effective candidates who can communicate a pro-growth conservative message—with a smile.

One of the most important and ignored lessons that should have been learned in 2012 is how important it is to have substantial grassroots support in their state. The other nine seats that were won by the Democrats were 6 Democrat held open seats, 2 Republican held open seats, and the defeat of Republican incumbent Scott Brown in Massachusetts. They were all Republican establishment types except for Richard Mourdock of Indiana and Linda McMahon of Connecticut. Those seven are just another example of the disconnect between the Republican establishment in DC and the grassroots voters in the states. In DC they presume that if they approve of the nominee then so will the voters back home, and this does not compute.

In 2014, the Republicans currently have 11 incumbents running for reelection and need to recruit 22 candidates for the total of 33 seats in this Senate Class. There are some seats that Republicans have a better chance of winning than others, and the NRSC needs to be mindful of this. Don’t just check off as a done deal an establishment type candidate’s announcement to run. Try to understand the pulse at the grassroots level of support for a candidate.

Below is a list of 22 States in the order of likelihood for the Republican nominee to win, and the top ones are where the strongest candidates must be recruited.

    Senate Class 2014

  1. Georgia: open (R)
  2. Nebraska: open (R)
  3. Iowa: open (D)
  4. South Dakota: open (D)
  5. Montana: open (D)
  6. Michigan: open (D)
  7. West Virginia: open (D)
  8. New Jersey: open (D)
  9. Alaska: Begich (D)
  10. Arkansas: Pryor (D)
  11. Louisiana: Landrieu (D)
  12. North Carolina: Hagan (D)
  13. Virginia: Warner (D)
  14. Colorado: Udall (D)
  15. Minnesota: Franken (D)
  16. New Hampshire: Shaheen (D)
  17. New Mexico: Udall (D)
  18. Oregon: Merkley (D)
  19. Rhode Island: Reed (D)
  20. Delaware: Coons (D)
  21. Massachusetts: to be decided 6/25/2013 (D)
  22. Illinois: Durbin (D)
I am retired after 36 years of being a state of Indiana employee. I enjoy writing and reading conservative blogs.

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I am retired after 36 years of being a state of Indiana employee. I enjoy writing and reading conservative blogs.
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Mike gamecock DeVine

This is a significant decision for conservatives


Wonderful news Pilgrim. I <3 Ted Cruz.


If we can stop the stupid, the Senate will flip.


Franken already has $2million with no opponent. Sickening.