Parents are starting to pay attention, Jeb Bush is starting to get nervous


It wasn’t supposed to happen this way, Common Core State Standards offered something for wealthy establishment-type Republicans, and something for the Communist left as well.  Bill Gates poured millions into the scheme, Barrack Obama contributed billions of taxpayer dollars, and the U.S. Congress looked the other way.



For the wealthy, Common Core standards, assessments, and databases offer investment opportunities unparalleled since the creation of the military-industrial complex. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush would sell the states on Common Core initiatives, charter expansion, and Parent Trigger Laws. The theory was to promote frustration with public schools by portraying them as a national failure, so parents would buy into the charter concept, with no way out if it didn’t work. If you owned the charter, your business would be funded forever with taxpayer dollars or lost if the charter failed.  In some cases, the proposals even give the charters free use of publicly owned buildings with the taxpayers picking up the tab for maintenance and improvements.

And if Jeb couldn’t sell a charter boom to American Investors, his brother Neil has a lot of connections in China. According to Reuters, investors from China, Nigeria and a lot of other countries, have taken an interest in the U.S. Charter School Industry


The new U.S. visa rush: Build a charter school, get a green card


(Reuters) – It’s been a turbulent period for charter schools in the United States, with financial analysts raising concerns about their stability and regulators in several states shutting down schools for poor performance.

The volatility has made it tough for startup schools to get financing.

But an unlikely source of new capital has emerged to fill the gap: foreign investors.

Wealthy individuals from as far away as China, Nigeria, Russia, and Australia are spending tens of millions of dollars to build classrooms, libraries, basketball courts and science labs for American charter schools.

In Buffalo, New York, foreign funds paid for the Health Sciences Charter School to renovate a 19th-century orphanage into modern classrooms and computer labs. In Florence, Arizona, overseas investment is expected to finance a sixth campus for the booming chain of American Leadership Academy charter schools.

And in Florida, state business development officials say foreign investment in charter schools is poised to triple next year, to $90 million.

The reason? Under a federal program known as EB-5, wealthy foreigners can in effect buy U.S. immigration visas for themselves and their families by investing at least $500,000 in certain development projects. In the past two decades, much of the investment has gone into commercial real-estate projects, like luxury hotels, ski resorts and even gas stations.

Lately, however, enterprising brokers have seen a golden opportunity to match cash-starved charter schools with cash-flush foreigners in investment deals that benefit both.

“The demand is massive – massive – on the school side,” said Greg Wing, an investment advisor. “On the investor side, it’s massive, too.”

Two years ago, Wing set up a venture called the Education Fund of America specifically to connect international investors with charter schools. He is currently arranging EB-5 funding for 11 schools across North Carolina, Utah and Arizona and says he has four more deals in the works.


Read the rest here.

The new U.S. visa rush: Build a charter school, get a green card


As we’ve learned very painfully over the last few days, not all foreigners come to the United States with good intentions.  I’m not trying to suggest all Nigerians are corrupt, but Nigerian internet scams are legendary in terms of creativity, scope, and maliciousness.  In a poverty stricken county like Nigeria, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to come up with the necessary money in a manner most Americans would consider ethical.

There are Chinese that can come up with that kind of money legitimately, and so can the Chinese government. We are told several times a week the Chinese are trying to hack everything from our defense networks to the websites of ordinary businesses. So far, this month Grumpy Opinions has been averaging over 400 page views a day from China, so they do take an interest in everything ordinary Americans are doing.

Americans tend to be a little cautious about trusting their children to anyone, let alone unknown foreigners, who may or may not have ulterior motives.

Then there’s the massive data mining that comes with Common Core, there is no historical equivalent.  Hitler, Stalin, and Mao Zedong, all had similar programs, but they didn’t have computers.  Even so the demonstrated how easy it is misuse and and abuse peoples personal information.

No detail, no matter how small will escape the watchful eye of big brother.  It starts the day a child is born, weight, blood type, eye color, and parents political affiliation.  Once in the classroom, every grade, assignment, and infraction of the rules will be recorded. Special seats will track and record every movement.  Cameras will monitor how closely they’re paying attention. In some places students are already being forced to wear GPS tracking devices. The monitoring continues until the first year out of high school with data flowing to the Department of Labor, Department of Health and Human Services, and any other government agency with specific interest.  Who knows at some point it may get turned over to Social Security. The data is also for sale to private entities for research and marketing purposes.

The stated purpose is so government can help guide people throughout their lives.

As information about the anti-Americanism in the Texas Curriculum, the Scope and Sequence (CSCOPE) program started to emerge, parents started looking at what Common Core had in store for their children, and they didn’t like it. Older folks looked at it and recalled how data mining was used to eliminate political undesirables in Nazi Germany, Red China, the Soviet Union, and Cambodia..

People also realized the potential for a common set of standards to be used for political indoctrination. Members of the Eagle Forum proved that was already underway by exposing some of the lesson plans that are “Common Core Compatible” as well as other flaws with the scheme. Then, Glen Beck joined in. So did Michelle Malkin in her series Rotten to the Core. They joined forces with the folks over at Truth In American Education.



So did Michelle Malkin in her series Rotten to the Core.  They joined forces with the folks over at Truth In American Education.

The Republican National Convention got the message and passed a resolution opposing Common Core, and jeb Bush ain’t happy as the Washington Times points out  Common Core opens a Republican rift over education standards

Jeb’s people point out the the Governors of 45 States originally backed the proposal, and claim the recent discussions have led to paranoia (their word)  Jeb and the people he pays seem to forget that it’s not what the Governors want, the kids don’t belong to the state,

Well, unless Jeb feels the same way as MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry–

MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry » All Your Kids Belong To Us


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