Wanted: Legislators Who Have a Clue



You know, one of the drawbacks to having a brain like mine is I can remember things forever but not with complete specificity. And I’ve been around a lot of years so forever is starting to really feel like forever. I think we have a bigger problem than low information voters.


From local to federal we have legislators who don’t know what’s already on the books. Along comes some interest group lobbying for rights they already have, just not in the form they’re lobbying for at the moment and it’s a “brand new” issue.

Gun control… already on the books. When you point this out, there’s the old fallback excuse “closing loopholes”.

Take any popular “issue” today and you’ll find there’s already something on the books dealing with it; more than likely several somethings already on the books.

Low information legislators: legislators who don’t know their own laws justifying “doing something”.

If it weren’t for such low information legislators we wouldn’t have Obamacare. If it weren’t for such low information legislators, we wouldn’t be talking about gun control, immigration, or gay marriage. Nor would there be all the legislative talk about climate change or EPA rules and regulations.

Before we can save this country from low information voters we need to save it from low information legislators. It’s all well and good to talk about conservatism and make the proper conservative noise but when you don’t know what’s already on the books, what good is all the conservative talk? Sorry Senator Rubio but that means you, too.

When someone asks a legislator about an issue that’s supposedly new, I wish just once… well, really, all the time… that the conservative response would be something along the lines of: “Before answering that, we need to look at what is already law regarding that issue and ask ourselves should the government be involved in that issue. If so, at what level should the government be involved?”

Don’t just answer, off the cuff, that “we” need to “do something” about that “issue”. Something has most likely already been done several times over and if you’d think before you opined that “something needs to be done” you’d opine that the matter needs to be researched to decide if it’s even a real issue.

Though I could probably write for weeks on this topic as a blog category, with oodles of research to back up “what’s on the books”, this is in the nature of a rant.


End Rant.

Look it (I found it on Craigslist, cartoon featured below). Why are we still talking about some of this stuff?


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March 26, 2013 4:03 pm

As Rush would say “Right on, right on, right on” Steph. It is codification ad absurdum. In addition to individual Acts, there is also the Creation of Departments and Agencies. We have a Department of Defense. There is no reason for a Department of Homeland Security.

March 26, 2013 10:42 pm

They run now on emotions, what they “feel” and then they FORCE We The People to accept their take on what America should be…..it is truly ruining a once great Nation!