Carrey: From His Cold Dead Brain


Actor Jim Carrey has taken time from his waning career to mock gun owners and supporters of the second amendment. He says gun owners are m’fers trying to compensate for their tiny glands. What else you got Truman Jim, besides the same sad, trite liberal BS. What are you compensating for besides an act that has grown very old and worn?

The 51 year old Carrey probably thinks he can restart his career by spouting nonsense that admittedly has wide appeal to the liberal dead brains in Hollywood. Who will buy this act from Mr. Liar Liar? Carrey is just too busy kicking his own ass, driving away his fans by insulting them.

The clip above is from 1997 when Carrey was a big deal, big box office draw. No so much now. Back then we had an federal assault weapons ban. Not so much now, although Conneticut has an assault weapon ban that didn’t do a thing to save the children of Sandy Hook.

The Second Amendment is the law of the land. The Founders were not trying to compensate for anything small. They were concerned about big ideas like protecting citizens from criminals . . .especially those in government.

And the truth shall set you free!

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